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User Info: Chroamac

4 years ago#1
Milotic or Blastoise?
Torterra or Flygon?
Murkrow or Weavile?
Blaziken or Gallade?

If you answer please tell me why the Pokémon you picked is better than its rival :)
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User Info: theguyinyurbed

4 years ago#2
Milotic because it has a lot more bulk, and is great for stalling things out
Flygon because a good dragon type is always use full
Weavile because it is extreamly fast and can get ice punch, night slash, etc
Blaziken because Gallade is just.... Meh
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User Info: 17Master

4 years ago#3
Milotic over Blastoise. Milotic has superior HP, SpA, SpD, and access to Marvel Scale. Milotic also has access to Recover, giving it a more reliable means to heal. All in all, Milotic better fits the "bulky Water" role while also sporting an effective offensive stat (100 SpA).

I give the second match up to Flygon. While both have the aggravating dual Ice weakness, Flygon has Levitate and respectable stats across the board . Nothing really stands out, but nothing is objectively bad. It can carry a mainly physical set and still work a special move on the side to catch physical tanks off guard. Torterra's special game is terrible and it's slow. It could make do with a Curse set, but that requires the special threats being cleared out before he can come in. That weakness to Fire isn't doing it any favors either (Fire isn't the most prevalent attacking type, but it's something you have to be on the lookout for.)

Weavile as it's actually evolved. Now that I got that out of my system, I'm guessing you meant Honchkrow. Both are glass cannons, the difference comes in typing and in Honchkrow having good SpA but being slow, while Weavile has no SpA but is stupid fast. Ice is much better on the offensive than Flying, and Weavile can run Brick Break + Shadow Claw for guaranteed neutral damage. Honchkrow lacks the coverage in its moveset, though Sucker Punch will mess up anyone trying to attack him without Dark resistance. I give this one to Weavile since neither is taking many hits, but Weavile can take out more things with its coverage.

Looking at Gallade and Blaziken, it's hard to make a call. Both have tremendous Atk at the cost of merely moderate Speed, but Blaziken also sports the good SpA. Blaze carries more weaknesses, including Water and Ground, but also has more resistances, meaning it can switch in easily. Gallade has two weaknesses, only one being somewhat prevalent (Ghost), but is stuck with two resistances (though they are against two of the best attacking types, Rock and Fighting), so it can't switch in as safely. Also worth noting is Gallade's Steadfast, which could make Fake Out users think twice. Also, Gallade can learn Drain Punch for self sustaining, or it can run Close Combat. Blaziken has neither, but does get Hi Jump Kick. Both also command many coverage moves like Earthquake, Rock Slide/Stone Edge, and Thunderpunch. I would go with Gallade, but that's only because I have a bias against Fire starters not named Infernape.

That's my two cents. I suggest taking it with a grain of salt.

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