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User Info: Javolis

7 years ago#1
Is there a pokemon that can learn Strength, Surf and Rock Smash?
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User Info: epy0nkaru

7 years ago#2
get a gyarados, which can learn whirlpool, surf, waterfall, and strength, then get a golem, it can learn strength, rock smash, and rock climb
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User Info: OblivionTy7

7 years ago#3
between Bibarel and Tropius you can have all HM's
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User Info: weenog

7 years ago#4
Bibarel can learn Cut, Surf, Strength, Whirlpool, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Rock Climb, and Headbutt. That thing is just screaming out to be a HM slave.
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User Info: Javolis

7 years ago#5
I need to get a bibarel
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User Info: Gengar_OU

7 years ago#6
Bibarel is unobtainable early on in SS/HG. I like Sandshrew, which is a HG exclusive unless you get it at the Game Corner.

User Info: KurtTheHoerag

7 years ago#7

User Info: Smap24

7 years ago#8

From: Gengar_OU | #006
I like Sandshrew, which is a HG exclusive unless you get it at the Game Corner.

Safari Zone too
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User Info: sonictrainer

7 years ago#9


User Info: Dijojr

7 years ago#10
Slopoke can learn 4 different hms, Surf,waterfall,whirlpool, and strenght. let alone dig and flash.
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