Medicine for Jasmine?

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User Info: Ultrabeatdown55

7 years ago#1

I wasn't paying attention to what she was saying so now I have no clue where to go to get the medicine. Anybody wiling to tell?

User Info: Hokapage

7 years ago#2
Surf to Cianwood.
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User Info: poke_123rules

7 years ago#3
head to to next city and you can't miss it
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User Info: fireemblemrocks

7 years ago#4
Go to Cianwood, You have to surf from olivine to Cianwood and visit the Pharmacy there, then challenge Chuck (cianwood gym leader) Return to Olivine and go to Jasmine.

User Info: Ultrabeatdown55

7 years ago#5

Dammit can somebody PM me the answer? I can't see any messages in ANY threads...

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