Lucky Egg!!!

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User Info: Vash1422

7 years ago#1
There has to be some kind of trick for this...please someone help me...I've been at it for hours...

User Info: BlueSophia

7 years ago#2
No tricks. Sorry about it but your best bet is to hunt until you find a Chansey. I got lucky on my first try and bagged a Chansey on Route 14. And it had a lucky egg attached. Showing that Chansey to the lady won't give you a lucky egg either, it gives you a lucky punch.
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User Info: Dojorkan

7 years ago#3
I got it from the Pokemon XD side quest.

Then I traded it to Pokemon Emerald and did the cloning glitch.

Then I Pal Park'ed it over to the 4th Gen games.
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User Info: Watmanwat

7 years ago#4
Whats a Lucky Egg?

User Info: Relient_K

7 years ago#5
I hooked one onto the PCP when trading it over for the event <_<... it's been nice having it on my active pokemon the whole game for the extra XP. I had like 5 on my platinum so it wasn't a big deal.
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User Info: Shaft187

7 years ago#6
wait for a Chansey Swarm. After that the lucky eggs practically rain from the sky with Compoundeyes
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User Info: Vash1422

7 years ago#7
whats a compoundeye?

User Info: Oak_Tea

7 years ago#8
During a Chansey swarm, have a fainted Butterfree (compound eyes ability) in the first slot in your party. In the second slot should be a Stantler (or anything else) that has the Frisk ability.

The compound eyes ability increases the chance of wild pokemon holding an item if it's in the first slot in your party.
The frisk ability tells you what the item the pokemon is holding.

Encounter a Chansey. If it says it's holding an Oval Stone (or doesn't say anything), run. If it says it's holding a Lucky egg, catch it. Use your standard catching techniques (bring some Love Balls and a male pokemon). Now you have a[nother] Chansey, and a Lucky Egg.

Just wait for the swarm.
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User Info: Optimus357

7 years ago#9
That is quite a brilliant strategy for getting the lucky egg.

User Info: pmtyd

7 years ago#10
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