Cant decide over Crobat or Togekiss

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User Info: Chaogod2000

7 years ago#1
While hunting for a Slowpoke in Slowpoke well, I caught myself a shiny Zubat(yays). I would like to use it now and make it a Crobat, considering its one of the few shinys I encountered besides the scripted one. Problem is I would also like to use Togekiss. The Zubat has decent stats, and a meh nature. And the Togepi has Calm nature and good Def S Def stats. Suggestions? Thanks.
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User Info: skaChicken

7 years ago#2
i'd go with crobat, i used one and he wrecks.

crobat's speed, u-turn, and sludge bomb make him pretty excellent. additionally, he Flys.
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User Info: Ansem_the_evil

7 years ago#3
sludgebomb is special so its a big no on the physical oriented crobat, cross poison would be better on him, personaly I like Togekiss better but Crobat is awsome too with his high speed
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User Info: 2Love4Life

7 years ago#4
I prefer Crobat, Always have on in my team...
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User Info: Euaggelistes

7 years ago#5

I have the official Heart Gold & Soul Silver strategy guide and it mentions how to evolve a Togepi into a Togetic. No mention of Togekiss though? How does one get a hold of one of those?

User Info: Leo_Colt

7 years ago#6
Evolve it with a Shiny Stone.

User Info: Enzan220

7 years ago#7
togekiss>>>serene grace
air slash (60% flinch rate)
thunder wave

togekiss pwns~
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User Info: XxMistahKrazyxX

7 years ago#8
and Togekiss can also Fly :D

plus with moves like Aura Sphere, and coming with Extrasensory (you prolly wont keep it though XD) its a badass Special move type pokemon

User Info: Lucky_XIII_1991

7 years ago#9
that was a joke, right? youre kidding when you say you havent encountered many zubat, arent you?
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User Info: Umuru

7 years ago#10
You misread.

TC said the Zubat was one of the few shiny Pokemon they have encountered.
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