Unreal Engine 3 and online support

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User Info: stratx

5 years ago#1
Nirolak, a NeoGaf member has revealed some interesting details related to Thief 4 (but we are still not sure whether these details are TRUE or FAKE). According to research done by Nirolak, Thief 4 will have an online support (if this comes TRUE, then Thief 4 will be the first game title in the franchise to have internet connectivity).

It has been also reported that Thief 4 will make use of Unreal Engine 3. You guys can check out the pictures of Eidos Montreal resumes below all thanks to Nirolak


User Info: Thryhring

5 years ago#2
Hum, not sure what to think of that, but I guess we need to hear exactly what kind of online interactivity there's gonna be first(assuming it's true anyway). I guess it's always possible it could just be some kind of leaderboards or something
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User Info: Captain45452

5 years ago#3
I thought they were further along with the game :(

User Info: TazmanianD

5 years ago#4

Yeah, that really could be anything. That could refer to something as simple as defining online profiles and uploaded statistics like Achievements or other gameplay info. Or it could be patch/DLC download support. It could also mean multiplayer support but I don't think I've heard anything that suggests that aren't releasing a single player campaign.

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