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User Info: sneakysnake

4 years ago#11
Who thinks giving gorrett black mascara is a good idea?

User Info: Vue35

4 years ago#12
From: Red_Jester | #010
Isn't this a reboot for the series? I thought there were no story connections between this and the past games. If it wasn't a reboot, then I'd be even more annoyed, but I'm positive I read that somewhere.

Yeah, but in this game (At least from what I read from recent articles) they said that he was returning to the City, only to find that the city guard had taken the place over completely, I'm not sure if Eidos is keeping the storyline (but I hope that they do, especially considering where Thief 2 left off at the end.)

User Info: HappyMrSnowman

4 years ago#13

Several people here are talking about the way Garrett looks isn't in line with how he looked before. What you mean the tight leather outfit with a bunch of belts and crap. The way he looks in Thief 2 and 3? Oh man, yeah, not gothic at all.

I don't know if in YOUR eyes Garrett was a dashing Indiana Jones type rogue (as could be implied from levels such as Lost City and Bonehoard) but he's NOT. He's a pretty skinny guy, who wears all black, has a hood to hide his face, has shadows under his eyes from not sleeping at night, and is snarky/depressing.

No, he doesn't sit there with a razor crying, or putting on mascara, but the devs aren't putting out anything like that. There was that ONE quote about the mascara, and that's all you guys took away from it. That suddenly the devs were going to make Garrett into a crossdressing, emo, gearsofhalo, weirdo.

Cool off and quit raging. Insofar as the not panic stricken crowd goes, everything I've seen looks alright. Cautiously alright.
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User Info: Interfusor

4 years ago#14
Ha! I think the look is very cool actually. Of course, no Stephen Russell voicing irks me greatly but it's not like I won't get the game for a stupid reason like that.

We just have to accept that selling games nowadays requires dumbing down mechanics. I'm not pointing fingers (CONSOLES!!!). Sorry that last bit was childish, but also true.
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