Eidos Says the Darndest Things

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User Info: sneakysnake

4 years ago#1


User Info: Vue35

4 years ago#2
Wait, Garret can do takedowns in Thief 4?

No more blackjack hit and run or anything?
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User Info: svunte_boy

4 years ago#3
If all of them are true, except garret coming back and the city guard is ruling, I'm gonna be so disappointed in todays business. Why can't they make great games like they did before? All good franchises I loved they ruined in the next one. Thief 1-3, splinter cell 1-4, diablo 2, dragon age 1 are some games I really loved. I just don't understand why even change the core gameplay, that is what made it so great. Everything is highlighted, told what to do, made too easy instead of just changing what was unnecessary.

I just hope that they don't put any "action" into this game. I don't want to do takedowns more than blackjacking guards. I don't want to counter-attack and kill all guards á la assassins creed. And I certainly don't want a "focusmode" to tell me all that can be interacted with. I want to find everything myself.


User Info: jake-sf

4 years ago#4
Its just the switch from a "we're making this game out of love" point of view and the "we're making it to sell more". Yes people want to sell, but gaming is an art. A game is an art, thus the way you think at the start changes everything. I certainly don't give a **** about musicians that just changes their style to the most popular to sell more instead of just sticking to doing what they love and do right. Gaming really ain't that different.

And if takedowns are really in, that pretty damn sad.

User Info: sneakysnake

4 years ago#5
updated version:


User Info: Ggdograa

4 years ago#6
sneakysnake posted...
updated version:


They can't get rid of the Hammerites or the Pagans surely?

The Builder won't stand for this!
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User Info: Captain45452

4 years ago#7
Why do they have to do this to my favorite game series ? :(

At least call it something else.
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