Why Jake Hunter isn't selling so well?

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User Info: 7thGamester

8 years ago#1
We all know that the visual novel genre is quite hard to sell here than in the east. Jake Hunter is pretty popular in Japan and it spans over twelve titles. I was just contemplating about what went wrong with Jake Hunter Detective Story here in the US since the sales wasn't looking very good at al. I know it's lacking gameplay and its noir style doesn't appeal much to the demographic of the US but it is still an interesting game with a unique main character. Do you think it could be that the publicity wasn't exposed enough or that the game itself is doomed to begin with? Discuss.

User Info: kaizenmx

8 years ago#2
Because no one even knows that this game exist. This type of game needs to have some kind of advertisement. I've called about 5 gamestop/gamecrazy and their answer is "I didn't even know we were suppose to get this game in store".

Blame whoever is managing this game's marketing.

User Info: Dinoman

8 years ago#3
Four reasons:

1) I personally believe that we're still a couple of years off before visual novels truly hit it off here in the States (the Ace Attorney series seems to be the exception, not the rule)

2) It doesn't help that Aksys botched the original release of Jake Hunter (cutting out three cases, giving out what many consider to be a subpar translation, etc.) The backlash probably drove off more than a few potential buyers.

3) The DS games localized so far have just been ports of the Famicom cases (except for Memories of the Past). While the stories have held up somewhat, they're not nearly as interesting (plus they're much more predictable + shorter) as the modern visual novels that have actually made it over here. The audience Aksys was aiming for most likely have played these modern games and expected something similar from Jake Hunter. Plus, add the '80s style interface (where EVERYTHING is done through pressing button commands) and you've got yourself a hard sell. If Aksys really wants to make a splash, they should localize a Jake Hunter game with more modern conventions (like the upcoming PSP game, Diamonds and Ashes *coughhinthintcough*)

4) Like what kaizenmx said, almost nobody knows this game exists (the only place I can actually find this game is online; GameStop just gave me a blank stare). The only actual news that I've found about this game is the original announcement back in Feburary. No previews, impressions, nothin'.
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User Info: TaraChan

8 years ago#4
I agree with #2 -- how they screwed up the first release. I know I didn't want to buy that one either! But with the release of the new one, with all the cases and other bonuses, I didn't mind buying it.

However, the manual was really empty, which did make me think, "Uhhhh."

But yes, if you can find this new release (most likely at Amazon.com or something), I'd check it out. It's interesting. I only started to play this because I'm a huge Phoenix Wright fan, a huge fan of this text-adventure/visual novel genre. This genre does need more loving and marketing.
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User Info: avilslare

8 years ago#5

I honestly don't care if it doesn't sell well. I really enjoy this game and I really enjoyed the first one for the serious take on the mystery/detective - interactive novel game for the DS. I'm sure there are others (Hotel Dusk) but not many. It bothered me that every game like this that came out had to be comedic in some way, so that's probably why I enjoy this one so much.

User Info: TaraChan

8 years ago#6
I want games like this to sell well -- then they will bring more adventure/visual novel games like these over to NA!
Video game = one of the best ways to escape reality.

User Info: Gamemaster64

8 years ago#7
I honestly don't care if it doesn't sell well.

I find it odd you say that yet you like the game. If it doesn't do well the 6 cases of this game will be the only one we get. There a second DS game with 5+1 more cases and I think there more for a third DS game can be made.

Also I see it as a combination of no ads and the botch crap they did with the first release. Without advertising this is a rerelease people think this is a sequel. Crap game+ Sequel = Sequel is also crappy.
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User Info: apolloooo

8 years ago#8

well, my opinion this game arent so bad, well it's not as great as Ace attorney, but i'll give this game 7-8 score, just played first case, and i starts to love it

User Info: zedmon

8 years ago#9
To be honest, with how poorly DS visual novels have been selling over here time and time again, I doubt we'll get anymore beyond Ace Attorney stuff and whatever Cing develops for Nintendo. The rest will stay in Japan. If your sales are low, you can't cover the costs of localization so then there's no incentive to localize these games. I'd surely love to see these games sell well but it's not going to happen unless you strike lightning in a bottle (like Ace Attorney and Hotel Dusk). The North American gamer doesn't like games light on gameplay. Even the successful stuff like Ace Attorney and Hotel Dusk had a fair bit of gameplay for a visual novel.

User Info: PumaShoes

8 years ago#10
because of crap like this:

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