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User Info: Nagisa_Shinju

8 years ago#1
I admit, I have never played Diablo or Diablo 2, but always was a fan of the hack n slash genre. Sadly, the most recent hack n slash game I've played would be Sacred 2 for the 360. While that game was pretty good in it's own right, it never kept me playing for hours on end.

Not like this game. This is one of the few games where I'd be meaning to play something like, Warcraft 3 or Sins of a Solar Empire, but next thing I know, I'm on the Torchlight loading screen. I have to literally set my cell's alarm for things since I completely and utterly lose track of time.

Anyway, to the point of the topic, are there many games like this one? I'm itching for more but can't do much until TorchED is released but don't want to shy away from the wonders of beating the hell of of random monsters for loot @_@.

Games I am looking into getting:

Neverwinter Nights 2
Titan Quest
Dungeon Siege
Diablo 2

Any more gems I'm missing out on?
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User Info: Lokarin

8 years ago#2
This message has been brought to you by Salt!
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User Info: Darkfyr

8 years ago#3
^I loved Nox.
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User Info: VGD

8 years ago#4
Diablo II is by far the closest thing available to Torchlight, except maybe Fate.
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User Info: KejeLL

8 years ago#5
Neverwinter Nights 2
Is not really an action RPG. It's combat is tactical and pausable and you control a bunch of characters simultaneously. The game is also very heavy on dialogue and can be greatly influenced in this way. So it's a much more traditional RPG. If you are still interested in this kind of game I would recommend Dragon Age: Origins instead. It's better in every way.

Titan Quest
This is a very good Diablo clone just like Torchlight. I've played through it several times. The greek/egyptian/chinese setting is great and the character building very well done.

Dungeon Siege
Similar to Neverwinter Nights/Dragon age but much more action orriented, little to no dialogue. Number 2 is better but the game is a bit mundane in my opinion. Worth a playthrough

Never heard of it

Diablo 2
The proud sequel to the original and still the best game in the genre which it defined. The graphics look a bit old and dated now but the online play is still amazing and extremely addictive

User Info: BobKaare_

8 years ago#6
I would definitely recommend Titan Quest, that game is really good. You should consider getting the expansion pack as well, because it adds a lot to the game that comes in handy from the very start.

Other than that, Fate is a game that is pretty much exactly like Torchlight, it's like the predecessor, made by the same people and everything.
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User Info: Sinist3r_Blade

8 years ago#7

User Info: reclinemusic

8 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: reclinemusic

8 years ago#9
Witcher maybe?
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User Info: PoisonRamune

8 years ago#10
I'd look into Sacred... It has a neat little sandbox/open world element going for it which puts a nice fresh spin on the genre (while still retaining some fun loot gathering RPG qualities).
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