How to redistribute Skill/Talent Points

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User Info: Chaos_Naska

7 years ago#1
I can't figure it out. It isn't like WoW, where you can pay to reset your talent tree, which is disappoint.

Is it possible, or are my skill points there forever?

User Info: jankanpo

7 years ago#2
you need to install mods
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User Info: blazen1126

7 years ago#3

thats the mod that makes the potion vendor sell potions that give you back your skill points and stat points.

User Info: Chaos_Naska

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: HeWhoYerfs

7 years ago#5
It's not that lame, and it's easy enough to install a respec potion mod, that's the easiest way.
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User Info: DarkRaptorX

7 years ago#6
lol wow baby can't handle a real game

User Info: OmniNakago

7 years ago#7
lol wow baby can't handle a real game

Having a game punishing you for experimentation is archaic.
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User Info: Bastard_Boy

7 years ago#8
"lol wow baby can't handle a real game"

Because, you know, no other game in the world allows you to respec.

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User Info: ShinesmanOW

7 years ago#9
Jebus forbid that your decisions have consequences.

Not being able to respec at will also helps the replay value, because you can't have one character do absolutely everything.

Games like WoW should have respec because recreating a character is a huge demand. You can get to level 30 in Torchlight in an evening, so it's not like starting over is such a big deal.

User Info: lagunasama

7 years ago#10
Its a game, if he wants to respend his points its up to him, jesus get over yourself.
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