Best Purchasable Summon Spell?

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User Info: bds28338

7 years ago#1
I'm looking for the best summon spell I can find to put on my dog. I don't like having to re-summon the summons that have time limits myself, so I'm just going to put one on my dog, along with the heal all spell. I'm just going to use the imp and golem summons for myself.

So which purchasable summon spell is best?
ReggieTheReckless 7 years ago#2
summon skeletons VI and V is what I use until I get blood skeleton.. then I use blood skeleton and skeleton VI.. generally because I stay alive well enough on my own so heal all is a waste with my gameplay style or whatnot

User Info: bds28338

7 years ago#3
I'm just doing it the cheap + easy way

how's summon zombies? it says they're uncontrollable in the description?

User Info: steevonson

7 years ago#4
Zombies are a bit slow. You'll find yourself resummoning them often because they can't keep up. They make a decent meat shield in tight areas though, Someone will assuredly correct me but I would stick with the skeletons.
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User Info: Jawbone

7 years ago#5
I'd like to say the flaming sword. It's a good one summon, and the cool down time doesn't mean your pet will just be working on making droves of creatures. I would say the gel, but you already have your dog with the heal all spell. This is just me, so if someone has better advice with statistical reasoning, let us know. Personally, I just use my pet for utility while I manage the summons myself.
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User Info: dewprisms

7 years ago#6
I'm finding the blood skeletons with a maxed out charm mastery to be useful. They keep me alive fairly well.

The plus to these is that the last nearly a full minute, meaning your pet can have two up at once (about) with the 30second cool down. The problem with having your pet be the one keeping up the summons is that the summon duration versus the 30 second spell reuse cool down for a pet means that you can only really have one up at a time, maybe two if you're lucky.

I have my pet with Frost and Heal All. I gave it Heal All because my pet runs away constantly now that I'm getting to higher levels and I don't have time to heal him while he runs in circles.
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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
7 years ago#7
@_@ There is a blood skeleton spell?
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User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
7 years ago#8
I find Summon Zombies to be extremely useful in tight areas and against large groups. The spell summons three zombies in front of the direction you are facing and they move in that general direction for the most-part. Not only do they have a decent amount of HP, but they also steal life for you upon each hit. Add the fact that watching an enemy group try to maneuver through three zombies in a tight space fail in vain makes them a decent addition to any summoner.

Yes they are slow and they have a thirty second cool-down, but if you find yourself greeted with an Epic monster or just a large group, they are a good diversion. Besides, one spell slot for three zombies? I can't think of too many other spells that would be fitting for that slot as a summoner.
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User Info: To0tY

7 years ago#9
haste VI + Hamstring 10/10 + 100x mana pots = lolz
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User Info: dewprisms

7 years ago#10
Yes, there is a blood skeleton spell. It's a rare, single-level spell. You can summon up to 5 at a time with a 3 second cooldown, and they last for nearly a whole minute each. They steal life for you and follow you around.
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