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User Info: Oval91

7 years ago#1
Just thought I'd do this so it's easier to keep track of all these instead of searching for each one individually. I'm missing some but that's because they haven't been posted yet, and I'm in no hurry to restart the game and do them all. Also the units aren't necessarily the ones you'll have, but don't panic the strategy should still work

2nd Puzzle in the tree

1: Remove the second white one from the top, it will chain twice giving you 4 moves left,
2: Remove the remaining blue, it will chain, giving you 4 moves left.
3: Finnish the stack of green on the right.
4: Make the stack on the left.

1st Rolly

1) Destroy Archer above Angel, such that you make walls with right Spearmen and long line of Swordmen (Gain 2 turns)
2) Destroy Archer in second row of left set, making a wall with Swordmen
3,4) Move available Spearmen behind left Angel, which frees up two Archers
5,6) Move newly freed Archers to positions behind right Angel

2nd Rolly

1. Remove R2,C3 (blue)
2. Move R2,C3 (white) to R5,C2
3. Remove R1,C6 (blue)
4. Move R4,C7 (white) to R2, C6
5. Finally, move the last two free blues behind the blue angel

1st Roderick

1) Take the white Archer from A and stack it on top of the first white Archer on B. [2 moves left]
2) Take the brown Archer from A and stack it on top of the brown Archer on C. [1 move left]
3) Destroy the white Archer in C to chain the Archer and the Priest together. [2 moves left]
4) Take the white Archer from A and stack it on top of the second white Archer on B. [1 move left]
5) Destroy the brown Archer that's surrounded by the Griffin and the white Archers on B. [1 move left]
6) Take the brown Archer from B and stack it on top of the brown Archer on A.

2nd Roderick

1. Break the Top Wall (Top as in the one closest to enemy) in column 5. This should chain the orange units, and the white ones.
2. Take the White Unit from Column 2, and put it in Column 7.
3. Take the Orange Unit from Column 2, and put it in Column 4, this should cause a wall to be made, as well as chain the archers.
4. Grab the White Unit from Columns 3 AND 5, and place them in column 2.
5. Grab the white unit from column 6, and place it in column 7.

1st Reginald

Drop the cultist on the far left (one above zombie) onto the far right vamp
Remove the middle green skeleton (one that forms the obvious combos)
Drop the two green skeletons onto the zombie blocking the left vamp
Remove the zombie
Drop the last cultist

2nd Reginald

1) Move left-most Wight to either column behind Dragon
2) Move Zombie behind left Vampire to behind right Vampire
3) Destroy Wight behind right Vampire, charging Wights and Vampire (Gain 2 turns)
4) Move Wight behind left Vampire to other column behind Dragon (from Step 1)
5) Destroy Wight directly behind Dragon, on left, making wall and charging Dragon (Gain 2 turns)
6,7) Move remaining zombies behind left Vampire

2nd Dillon

1. Kill RED (col 5, 3rd from top) = triggers 5 chains, columns 2 and 5 charged [7 left]
2. Kill RED (col 1, 1st from top) [6 left]
3. Move PURPLE (col 5, 3rd from top) to col 1 = col 1 charged [5 left]
4. Move RED (col 1, 6th from top) and RED (col 4, 3rd from top) to col 8 = col 8 charged [ 3 left]
5. Move WHITE (col 1, 4th+5th from top) to either column 4 or 5 [2 left]
6. Move the 2 WHITEs (col 8, 5th and 6th from top) behind the WHITE moved in step 5 [DONE!]


User Info: silly_z45

7 years ago#2
yayy thanks for this. big thumbs up.

User Info: dth_blade

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Oval91

7 years ago#4
There are no zombies in the Roderick puzzles. Unless you mean Reginald in which case I confirmed this solution myself and it worked. It might be possible that there are two ways to complete it, but unless someone can confirm both we'll have to wait.

User Info: dth_blade

7 years ago#5
Yea I meant Reginald but in my game there was no leftmost reaper.

Oh well, for anybody who can't do it like the solution up there:
1. Move reaper behind left vampire to behind right vampire
2. Destroy zombie behind right vampire to charge both the vampire and the reapers to chain you back to 3 turns
3. Move zombie behind left vampire to right column of dragon
4. Move zombie from the very left to left column of dragon
5. Destroy zombie directly behind dragon to make a reaper wall and charge dragon
6. Use reapers on the very left to charge the last vampire
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User Info: Oval91

7 years ago#6
Also here's Dillon's first and second puzzles on youtube.


User Info: venkisaragi

7 years ago#7

Nelir 1st Puzzle (Anwen)

Nelir 2nd Puzzle (Anwen)

Rolly's Puzzle 1st and 2nd (Godric)

Sir Roderick Puzzle 1st and 2nd (Godric)

Sir Reginald Puzzle 1st and 2nd (FIona)

Beat Eve with lvl 6 Aya (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-hBQKwjfkk)

User Info: Nymm

7 years ago#8
Very useful topic.
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User Info: LeBurns63

7 years ago#9
I need help with the second Rolly puzzle. Your solution mention blue units, but all I have is brown and white.

On top I have three angels, brown, white and brown all standing behind a strong wall.

I have brown spearmen, two brown priest, white swordsmen and a white knight. I had to raise the priest up a few levels just so they could kill the angels which I did. However I can't figure out how to beat this one. My biggest problem is one of the priest is behind a spearman and has to be moved over to attack the first brown angel. There is no other way to attack this angel and this just seems to take up too many turns.


User Info: venkisaragi

7 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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