Unorthodox strategy for the last boss

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User Info: Falcon120

6 years ago#1
So I finally got to the final boss last night, Lord Bloodcrown, and I was having trouble keeping up with the damage of his hands, which power up the damage for his eye beam. Tried a few different strategies here and there. Such as using the Djinn's to try and freeze his hands, but turns out they don't get frozen so that was a bust. Tried using the artifact for full mana at the beginning of the match to help me get ahead of the hands and did fairly well with that but wasn't able to take the win.

I built off that last idea and went with a strategy that more or less makes this match less luck based. Throughout the entire match, I only used 3 charged unit attacks and one of them didn't even hit anything. Normal units at that, I made sure not to use any Elites or Champions, which is necessary for the strategy. What you have to do is use only Gremlins, as they have high toughness and if you end up with them charging it's only a two turn charge that deals a fair amount of damage. You don't want charging units so much because it lowers your reinforcements count and makes it harder to build walls.

Alright, so what you have to do is using only Gremlins and no Elite's or Champions, you have to make sure you're using the absorb circlet and build ONLY walls. As many as you possibly can wherever you can. With the absorb circlet, you gain mana for every wall you delete, so also don't be afraid to delete a wall if it is in the way of you building another set of 3 walls. This is very effective because Nadia's walls when you have enough of them will always start at full power, and when you delete a wall you gain a fair amount of mana.

The main point of the strategy is so that if the hands or eyes manage to get out an attack, they aren't very likely to get to your health. Also, the damage the hands do doesn't help power up the eye beam attack if they hit only walls, so you'll be hit with that attack far less often. The way this strategy is meant to do damage is through Nadia's special attack. Her lightning strike deals a ton of damage when it hits Bloodcrown and has a chance of knocking out the hands entirely where they'll have to reset their charge, if not at least lessening the damage they do, helping you keep your walls up. So it has a double use, and striking five times makes it very effective, especially when those strikes can deal damage straight to his life.

Now, it's still important to make sure to build up walls where you're about to get attacked so you don't take so much damage, making that a priority over just building them wherever. But when you need to build up your magic quick, or if you don't really have moves to make, you can just delete walls to build up your magic to use the lightning strike (this also gives you more reinforcements when you delete a wall). Ideally, you should use it when both hands are up. It's much easier when they aren't in sync as well. The walls you should be deleting typically should never be in the middle (for preperation of the eye beam) and shouldn't be right under where a hand is charging. Make sure to delete walls where you aren't going to be attacked anytime soon.

Using this strategy, I managed to win the fight with about 63 health left, and found it hilarious that it actually worked so well. Never bothered trying to make attacking units. The three that I used were more accidental than anything. Only warning I should give with it: You have to be patient for it to work and don't get too hasty. It'll take a while to win.
Many a false step is made by standing still

User Info: nihtay

6 years ago#2
I thought of this strategy too, but found it very hard in execution.

This is because I'm a very bad chainer, so moves to create extra moves escape my sight all the time (I'm astonished I got that far with such poor abilities, honestly.. must be all that grinding).

Since deleting walls spend moves, while reducing your defenses, I couldn't balance between charging mana and creating walls. Reinforcement count drop the more walls you make, so reinforcement units have to be shifted on purpose (wasting MORE moves) to create more walls.

After bloodcrown attacks with eyes or hands, I'm left with uneven columns, making creating walls which require flat rows difficult X_x

I messed with phoenixes, chaining, fusing, battle wand, and finally won with battle wand.

I used charging grelims as meatshields (by turn 2 they can block more charging than idle), and tried my best to chain to gain mana.

His defeat was a close shave. I would die by one more hit, his laser charged to full, and that turn just before he attacks I made one last chain and gained enough mana to unleash a thunderstorm. I was practically screaming for those bolts to hit (who says lightning never strikes the same place twice?), heave a sigh when they exterminated him then collapse.

I was rushing through the game because exams are coming >_> and I wanted to finish it ASAP, so you can imagine my exhilaration.

User Info: wave1000

6 years ago#3
it took me some time to figure chains out but its easy once you learn how to control the reinforcments. You clear the board when you want big units and you call for a drop more if you don't need them and want to do more chains. Now Im better where I can at least get 5 to 6 moves when I think I will need them.

Its a shame this game did not get the attention of other games because the combat system truly is amazing.

User Info: blackyoshi55

6 years ago#4
I actually didn't have too much trouble with the final boss battle. Died twice, then managed it. I just used Gremlins and a level one Phoenix, and as much I wanted to I never actually used the phoenix to keep me from dying.

Just a good mix of gremlin attacking the hands, walling against attacks to avoid giving Lord Bloodcrown charge power, and powering up Phoenixes so you can win the game does the trick.

But yeah, the OP's strategy is very interesting and cool. I liked this thread.
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