Play with no CD?

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User Info: TheRamer

6 years ago#1

I was wondering if there was a way to play Black Ops on PC without having to put in your CD every time or keep it in the drive WITHOUT having to use Steam.

Bad Company 2 and even Battlefield 2 has been patched to no longer require the DVD, and I was hoping that Black Ops would have the same thing. I'm at a point where my disc drive is hardly ever used on my PC.

Also: does BO have an automatic updated for patches if you install without Steam?


User Info: SaffronGhost

6 years ago#2
So many failures.

User Info: TheRamer

6 years ago#3

Oh man, if only I had thought to use Google before posting on a forum. :roll:

But that's so much more work.

I appreciate the help.

User Info: antknot

6 years ago#4
You can't install without steam unless its pirate. You don't need the disk in drive when you open the game through steam.
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User Info: neela147

6 years ago#5
Erm ... pretty sure you can't run this game without Steam (unless you're trying to run a pirated version!) ... and the CD is definitely NOT required in the drive when playing.
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User Info: TheRamer

6 years ago#6

Thanks for the help guys, first straight answer I've received.

I was under the impression that you could do with or without Steam... only games I know that require Steam are ValvE but no matter. I appreciate it!

User Info: SaffronGhost

6 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Printul_Noptii

6 years ago#8

You DONT need to play this game using a DVD ! Remember this game is a steam game which means your retail disc will turn into a simply back up disc after you activated your game to your steam account using the serial key. I have the retail version and once I installed the game and registered the serial key to my account there was no need for the disc anymore playing this.

User Info: xan46

6 years ago#9
COD uses steam cloud to store players levels and unlocks. I believe all steam cloud games require steam, like MW2.

User Info: Speccops

6 years ago#10
Guys, For No Problem just go to

Download it and Enjoy!

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