Whats the fastest way to level up online in Black Ops?

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User Info: Tickle17

7 years ago#1
My uncle got the game 1 day before me, on Monday and hes already on first prestige. I'm no where near that! (level 15 now).
It's taking a long time to rank up, though I am getting there.

Whats the fastest way to level/rank up?

User Info: jcrest87

7 years ago#2
Just by playing basically?

-beating challenges
-beating contracts
-getting good scores is always a plus

If you play SnD you get 500 points a kill, but its a slower pace than TDM or Domination.
PSN: JCrest87

User Info: Dragonridaz

7 years ago#3
how i lvld fast was i picked a weapon and stuck to it the more kills u get with it the better the bonus when u do the 500kills etc with that weapon challenges andcontracts are the way to go for fast lvling im 1st prestige lvl 30 and i play on and off
PSN = Dragonridaz

User Info: CassyChan

7 years ago#4
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, don't play SnD for the kills though man, it's people like that that ruin that mode, go for the objective.

User Info: Jackalackus

7 years ago#5
If you are gd enough SnD and im talking atleast getting 3000 max rounds before bonus'
PSN: jackalackus

User Info: Colby_Slush

7 years ago#6
Definitely go for the challenges. I average about 10,000 exp per match this way. I think my record was like 32,000 exp. It really makes a huge difference.

User Info: Burst_Stream

7 years ago#7
^ but killing of the enemy team is an objective. So you can't really fault anyone for that. Plus there just situations where it is just plain impossible to stop the bomb (3 people are guarding the bomb while you are alone.) You'd of course want to pick them out one by one before you even think of defusing the bomb. If it's not possible might as well save your ass and do it in the next round
Email: xstreamburstsushi@gmail.com PSN TekkenSushiEXE
"I will do everything to not die even if it kills me" - Burst_Stream

User Info: KevinConklin

7 years ago#8

honestly, there are a lot of questions like this, and i really believe that the best way to level up is by simply playing which ever game mode you enjoy the best. if it is a game mode that you truly enjoy, you wont notice the length of time it takes because you will be having fun. but if you absolutely hate domination or search and destroy, even though you can level up faster in those game modes than team deathmatch it will be such a pain simply because you dont enjoy the modes. i play about an hour every night, and i got the game the day it came out and im at level 33. also, i have beaten the campaign on both regular and hardened so i am not devoting obsessive amounts of time to multiplayer. I play team deathmatch and i average about 7,000-8,000 xp points a game. so just stick with a mode you really enjoy and before you know it you will be clicking that Prestige button :)

User Info: CassyChan

7 years ago#9
^ but killing of the enemy team is an objective. So you can't really fault anyone for that.

My point is there are a lot of people who play SnD purely for their k/d and xp and they never pay any attention to the objective at all and every time their team will lose because they're too scared of dying to go for an objective, it ruins it when you have a team full of these idiots and you actually want to win the game and couldn't care less about a group of 11 year old kids k/d.

User Info: Minor_Flawed

7 years ago#10

Fastest way is to be awesome. If you're awesome - you level up the fastest.

For the awesomely challenged - there's always boosting.

For the wise - just play your natural game. You'll rank up eventually.

For people who care - there'll always be someone with larger anatomy than yours so stop stretching it.

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