How do YOU pronounce Famas and Galil?

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  3. How do YOU pronounce Famas and Galil?

User Info: TutelaVides

6 years ago#1
I think it's pronounce "fa-MAS" and "Guh-LIL" (putting emphasis on the last syllables) but I've heard differently.
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User Info: NoVATSinmyCOD

6 years ago#2
Sounds right to me.

User Info: IEnvYI_DIabOLiC

6 years ago#3
I say...
Dont know if either are correct haha

User Info: Malcyon

6 years ago#4


User Info: ChimeranElite

6 years ago#5
FA-m-MAH-z and GOOLALILlill


User Info: MaxVanMees

6 years ago#6
FAH-MAS with a sharp first syllable.

User Info: NeveorNafelian

6 years ago#7

I always pronounced it Fa-moss. But Fa-mass sounds a bit better. I think I pronounce Galil correctly though, as long as you pronounce it like a terrorist would it works.

User Info: TMRaven

6 years ago#8
Famous and Galley-La.
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User Info: MaxVanMees

6 years ago#9
What do you mean 'like a terrorist would'?

User Info: Shamack

6 years ago#10

no idea if i'm pronouncing it right..... time to google, me thinks, lol
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  3. How do YOU pronounce Famas and Galil?

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