Domination class setup

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User Info: SubXerO1133

6 years ago#1
just wondering what people were using for Domination? ...with success
(decent caps and defends, decent K/D)
I am on a Flak jacket, warlord pro, tack mask pro kick for my perks

and just about any gun with dual mag for extra ammo and whatever else you want to throw on.

for guns, i have been using Galil, M60, MP5K mainly when i play Dom depending on how mobile i would like to be,
but would be fine with almost any others guns

Sometimes with the M60 i will put Hardened pro on instead of warlord pro as well

User Info: LuBuu09

6 years ago#2
I usually try he Galil with dual mags. Hardline, SoH, ninja. Or flak jacket.

If that isn't working I go tryhard mode and use the Famas with red dot which always saves my ass if I'm doing bad.
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User Info: ScorchaB18

6 years ago#3
FAL Suppressed
Python Speed Reloader

Willy Pete - Capture flags behind a smokescreen
C4 - defend flags from far away

Hardline Pro - more killstreaks to help defend/capture flags
Hardened Pro - helps with Hacker and less flinch
Hacker Pro - helps with enemy equipment

I have a game in my fileshare where I go 33-7 with this class with 4 captures and multiple defends

User Info: SubXerO1133

6 years ago#4
never used all those perks before at once, but sounds like a decent set up for FFA or reg TDM

User Info: GeekyDad

6 years ago#5
I've got an M60 class I like to use. Got Flak, Hardened, and Hacker Pro (until I can get Gas Mask Pro). I keep a motion sensor on me and either patrol a small area or try to follow my team for some heavy back-up.
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User Info: Ramune

6 years ago#6
Something that can accept the pro pipe.

Smoke grenade

Flak Jacket
Sleight of Hand
Tactical Mask

The smokes + flak jacket make you a demon at capturing points. The explosives keep your points clean of vermin. Tactical mask pro is just the cherry on top.
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User Info: seven62mil

6 years ago#7
HK21 w/Drum mag
Frag/Nova/Camera Spike
Flak Jacket/SoH/Tac. Mask

The HK21 is like a hybrid between the M60 and Stoner 63: good RoF and AR-like enough to save you if you end up in a one-on-one battle, but the RoF is still slow enough for sustained fire. You need to move from place to place depending on the spawns and how the enemy is approaching, and make sure to take out their chopper support and CS planes so they have to come to your spawn area. Don't waste rockets on the spy planes because they already know you're guarding the flag where you spawn.
psn: seven62mil
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User Info: X5Dragon

6 years ago#8
Stoner63 with ext. Mags

Scavenger Pro
Sleight of Hand Pro
Marathon Pro


Spy Plane
Counter Spy Plane

Happy hunting/capturing
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User Info: SubXerO1133

6 years ago#9
might have to try, C4, and smoke grenade seems like a solid idea.

User Info: X5Dragon

6 years ago#10
The problem with smoke grenades is that you almost always need to have a flack jacket with you, lest the defender sends a rocket towards the flag. But even then you cannot guarantee there won't be a LMG user who will proceed to empty his mag at your direction.

If you insist try the nova gas one.
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