How do YOU play?

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User Info: the_showman

6 years ago#1
As in.. what's your (main) style of play? Are you a sniper main, staying back and picking off targets with a sniper or battle rifle? Cautious, racking up killstreaks by playing defensively? Rusher, actively sprinting to the enemy with low-level streaks, little and often?

What classes do you use? What's your killstreak setup? What game-mode do you play, and how does your class, killstreak and style help YOUR team win? I know everyone mixes it up a bit, but what's your BEST playstyle?

Personally, I love to run and gun with SMGs, but find I do much better when I play cautiously (i.e. less sprinting, more checking entire areas before entering). With hardline I like to get my killstreaks up early, and keep them up for as long as I live. I currently run the following setup, and play TDM exclusively:

FAL - RDS (green dot), red camo.
Hardline pro
SoH pro
Hacker pro
Counter spyplane
Chopper gunner

So, gFaqs, how do YOU play best?

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User Info: SilY555

6 years ago#2
I camp and don't capture the objectives because I know my pub teammates can handle that, seriously how hard is it to capture the objective?

Once I get my killstreak I camp even harder for the next 2 then BOOM I go 50-1. Usually die to a stupid rusher who gets mad when he dies to me over and over.
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User Info: Lionheartf815

6 years ago#3
Support player. I defend objectives, hang somewhat back and piss off the other team using any method possible to kill them. Basically in objective games I hold down the fort making it as hard as possible for the other team to get it while the others do their work. I do switch it up a lot and cap flags though but I will usually station at B and hold it down as best I can. In TDM I rush most of the time with my SMG class or something else. If I'm feeling really douchey I will pop out the noobtube class and tube everything to piss off everybody.
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User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

6 years ago#4
I rush mostly in TDM, only hiding when air support is up or if I need to reload my gun (especially if that gun is the M60).

I play defensively in objective modes for the most part, especially in domination. I can hold one flag by myself if I have to. I will rush if I need to though (or if I'm going for marathon pro in CTF, then I always rush or annoy the enemy when somebody else has the enemy flag).
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User Info: seven62mil

6 years ago#5
I normally go for defense and support, using an M60 or HK21 with Flak Jacket Pro or an FAL with Ghost Pro. For offensive stuff I use an AK-47 dual mag with FJ Pro and SoH Pro, which works very well against the explosives spam and allows for a lot of firepower in head-on fights. As a secondary I nearly always carry a suppressed CZ-75 or Makarov, in case I spot a chance for a stealthy kill. For KS I use Spy plane, CS plane, and Napalm which works well for any game mode, especially domination and demo where you can use FJ pro and call the napalm on yourself as you capture the objective.
psn: seven62mil
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User Info: Sl3pniir

6 years ago#6
Anything and everything.
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User Info: the_showman

6 years ago#7
I like that idea, calling in napalm on yourself! Trouble is, FJ pro is so hard to get! Stupid grenades.
"I was wrong, you all are right." TJCco2005
May 30th, 2010. FINALLY.

User Info: _AoW_Mithos_

6 years ago#8
My main style of playing is extreme rushing. I'll use a random SMG or shotgun and really just never stop moving around. FJ-SoH-Mar.

When I get bored with that I'll use the M16 or some random setups with the same perks and play not quite as aggressive. I always run Spy Plane-Counter Spy Plane-Napalm Strike.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

6 years ago#9
i do combinations of

ak47/commando/famas (dual mag, suppressor)
frag, concussion/flash, motion sensor
ghost pro/hardline pro, warlord pro, hacker pro

then for nuketown i use:
ak74u (grip, rapid fire)
frag, flashbang, jammer
flakjacker pro, warlord pro, tactical mask pro

User Info: CW Boi 209

CW Boi 209
6 years ago#10
Depends on the map. If it's a large map like Jungle, Villa, Crisis, etc I play safety first. If it's a narrow map like Launch, Crack, Nuketown etc then I run and gun with assault rifles. Though I might go shotty's on those maps now since I just discovered how beast SPAS is with the silencer :) .
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