What's your personal best Kill/Death ratio?

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  3. What's your personal best Kill/Death ratio?

User Info: IIsGII

6 years ago#1
Mine was 62/1, which I got playing a demolition on Jungle, I believe.

User Info: Chokoon

6 years ago#2
my best would be 88-1 but my most proud would be 73-1 on nuketown with rapid fire spectre. killstreak use, napalm,rolling thunder,dogs
The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them

User Info: AaronHutch

6 years ago#3
i dont killfarm like most people sooo

mines 34-1 on domination

User Info: Raegin_Turtle

6 years ago#4
61-1 on Cracked GW Dom. KS: Sentry Gun, BB and Dogs. I was running Scavenger Pro / Hardline Pro, SoH Pro and Hacker Pro / Marathon.

Setting up the SG at Dom B facing the enemy spawn = orgy-porgy of kills. And since GS/CG aren't that good on this building environ, Dogs and a BB for campers did me oh-so-well. Oh, and picking up a multitude of enemy weapons for a weapon-KS (without Killstreaks), up me at like 27+.

Best map evar.

/ = or
PSN: Raegin_Turtle / The___WMD

User Info: ActaNonEchoes

6 years ago#5

Considering I play as a supporter and don't rush or camp, this is good for me ^^ I like helping my team.
Ave, true to Caesar.
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User Info: aznkidjoey

6 years ago#6
K/D score only really counts in TDM. Not everyone is focused on trying to kill you in objective matches. Some of them are trying to, well, get objectives accomplished
PSN: aznkidjoey
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User Info: Raegin_Turtle

6 years ago#7
Oh yeah, same match: Defends: 9, Caps: 4, Assists: 9+
PSN: Raegin_Turtle / The___WMD

User Info: obiwan23s

6 years ago#8
My best MVP performance was on Jungle the other day. 57-1, CG and Gunship rape. Only death was trying to get this guy off the sniper rock. Took out his Claymore, fragged him and nothing happened so I popped off both concussion bombs and dude panic sprays me. Would have been the final killcam had I got him. Flak Jacket and its users can burn in hell.

User Info: PokemonV

6 years ago#9
Aren't you getting to angry for a person using flak jacket?
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User Info: Drago77

6 years ago#10
69-1 GW dom on Jungle
I take this game seriously.
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