What is the farthest level you gotten in zombies and with how many people

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  3. What is the farthest level you gotten in zombies and with how many people

User Info: geron564

6 years ago#1
mine was 28 with 3 people. Coulda gotten farther if my connection didnt messed up.
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User Info: Mormaurd

6 years ago#2
Kino: 31 with 4 people, 35 solo.

Five: 26 with 3 people, 21 solo.
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User Info: Xodreev

6 years ago#3
Not far at all.

11 with 4 both in a private match and online, but the Leaderboards showed me as 16 with 4? My guess it was Dead Ops, but I don't know the Zombies boards work.

Solo, I wet myself if I get past round 2. lol
I think I've only made it to round 8 or 9 solo.

Yeah, still trying to figure it out. That was all Kino. Five was a little worse, I think.
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User Info: DarkZeroX0

6 years ago#4

Kino - 2 people, round 23
Five - 3 people, round 19
Solo(Kino) - Didnt try yet
Solo(Five) - Round 9 (Could of got farder but gtg)

PSN: DarkZeroX000

User Info: JohnJuan070707

6 years ago#5
Best Records
Solo: 42 on Der Riese
Duo: 41 on Kino
3 People: 31 Verruckt
4 People: 34 Five

* As a side note, the team usually doesn't die, we just agree to end the game because we have things to do.
PSN ID: JohnJuan360

User Info: freakcan

6 years ago#6
Kino: 31 with 4, but I don't think all of us played start to finish.
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User Info: littleboomer

6 years ago#7
kino 16 4/3 people (one left around 12)
i really suck though and i went down like 6 times

User Info: Xatinero

6 years ago#8
4 people: 27
Solo: 21

Both were ended prematurely because we/I got trapped by crawlers >_>
PSN: Xelicov

User Info: littleboomer

6 years ago#9
hey jonhjuan, wanna teach me how to play better tomorrow sometime?

User Info: funkedelike

6 years ago#10
This board has a pretty mixed zombie population.
Shi_20_8(ballistic knife + L96 only lol)
Der_24_15(fell out of the window onto a bunch of zombies)
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  3. What is the farthest level you gotten in zombies and with how many people

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