What's the longest that you've played this game in one sitting..?

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  3. What's the longest that you've played this game in one sitting..?

User Info: thedeparted94

6 years ago#1
..including bathroom breaks and quick snacks..

I remember when the first map pack came out, I had'nt played BO since christmas, there was double xp and I had a few days off from school and I must have played online for about 24 hours straight..

ahh..its so fun when you havent got a life lol
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User Info: xMessiahbolical

6 years ago#2
One sitting? Probably 8ish hours, maybe more. I'd go crazy after that much of this laggy piece of crap at once and probably have to kill somebody.

User Info: VIIVincent

6 years ago#3
2 hrs and 30 minutes

play some random online with my bro, slap some zombies with my bro then thats it.
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User Info: HoBoS

6 years ago#4
a long time... 10 hours, maybe? I haven't done this in a LONG time, though. It was much easier to sit and play for a long long time when there was a keg handy. Beer makes this game far better. Oh, poor kegerator... you will be filled eventually.
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User Info: Johnsis

6 years ago#5
12 hours during my winter break. It was double exp weekend and I didn't intend to play that long it just so happen to work out that once some people went offline more came on so I was with a constant 6 man party
PSN: Johnsis
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User Info: keatonisballin

6 years ago#6
Back when my gf used to work weekends, id have mostly all Saturday and Sunday at home alone to do whatever, id play from about 8-4 so like 8 hours.
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User Info: HelloMom123

6 years ago#7
1 shift = 10 hours
fri night through to sunday night = 25 hrs
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User Info: ULTIMATE2684

6 years ago#8
Maybe 12 hours is the longest i've played black ops straight. longest zombie game was like 6 hours long. atleast it felt like 6 hours...
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User Info: LuneyToonz

6 years ago#9
I played in a party with Biz and Fifty from 6pm my time to around 5am my time. That's the longest session I've had, it was this summer.
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User Info: Cdawg2003

6 years ago#10
probably 7-8 hours on the day the game came out.
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  3. What's the longest that you've played this game in one sitting..?

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