--Your Guide to playing Zombies-- (v1.2)

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User Info: -Silent--Death-

6 years ago#1

--- Your Guide To Playing Zombies on Black Ops --- (Version 1.2)

By –Silent—Death-


--- Table of Contents ---

1. Introduction

2. Brief overview of Zombies

3. Turning the power on

4. Teleporter

5. The Mystery Box

6. Pack a Punch Machine

7. Strategies (6 varieties)

8. Tips

9. FAQ


--- 1. Introduction ---

Basically one of my first posts on the Black Ops forums was a rant about my experiences playing Zombies online. With complete strangers who didn't talk and didn't know exactly what they were doing I was constantly only making it to rounds 5 or so. Now some people are already very good, so this is more just a guide for those that are new to the zombies, or for those that want to get to higher rounds using the strategies posted further down. This is more a "how to play" rather than me explaining what and where everything is, maybe I'll include all that (Weapons, perks etc) in the future. I wrote and answered everything myself unless otherwise stated just from the games I've had so far. There is room for improvement and there may be a few mistakes so please let me know if you want to know anything or feel something could be improved. Fixed a few things in v1.2 and added plenty of tips and strategies from everyone that contributed, so really this has become a community guide.


--- 2. Brief overview of zombies ---

Zombie mode was first introduced in World at War and has made its return now in Black Ops. It has three maps: Kino der Toten, Five and Dead Ops Arcade. Kino is unlocked from the start, Five once you beat the game and Dead Ops by entering a code in the computer on the main menu. Note that Five can also be unlocked using the computer. This guide will focus mainly on Kino Der Toten, however the tips can be used on Five as well.


--- 3. Turning the power on ---

Turning the power on allows you to use the teleporter to upgrade your guns, buy perks, locate Mystery Boxes easily and activate traps.

The cheapest and quickest way to the theater, which is where you turn the power on, is the downstairs way, ie through the alleyway.

The power room is the theater. The Pack a Punch room is above the theater. Going the downstairs way - Open bottom door from lobby, open door to alley, open chain fence to upstairs room - open door to stairway – down the stairs and then onto the stage of the theater. Turn switch on wall to turn power on. The curtains will then open and the gas crawling type zombies will spawn from then on in. It does not cost to turn the power on.


--- 4. Teleporter ---

You can only use the Teleporter once the power is on. Once the power is on, press X on the teleporter pad in the theater then run (or get a teammate to) through the now open door to the lobby and press X on the telepad in there too (remember it from the very start, you spawned on it) and this will link them up. Then go back to the original teleporter in the theater (power room) and use it. It will take you into a (safe) room above the theater; the Pack A Punch room where you can use the Pack a Punch (see below).

All 4 of your team can use the teleporter at once and this is especially useful if you are downed to crawl onto it and let a teammate teleport up with you to safely revive you. The teleporter has a cool down time after using it however.


--- 5. Pack A Punch Machine ---

This is probably one of the most useful things in the entire zombie game if you want to do well. The Pack a Punch Machine (PaP) costs 5000 points (so save up before using the teleport) and what it does it you put one weapon in it of your choice and you then get it back upgraded and much more effective.

For example, the AK74u gains a sight, and "laser" bullets and sounds. As well as doing a lot more damage. The starting pistol turns into twin rocket launchers, upgrading the crossbow will draw zombies to it before exploding etc. Once you are in the PaP room you only have a limited time before you are teleported out again, so be smart about it. You can also buy and throw grenades down into the theater.

You can have two upgraded guns at once if you have enough points to afford it. And it also gives you new ammo if your gun is empty when you upgrade it.


--- 6. The Mystery Box ---

The Mystery Box (MB) is a little different this time around. Although it essentially does the same thing, this time it constantly roams around the map. It costs 950 points to open it and basically you get a random weapon out of it. You have the potential for the ray gun and thunder gun as well as monkey bombs and other weapons you can't buy off the walls.

There are black maps of the level in each room and once you turn the power on a green light will show you what room the MB is currently in. Remember getting the Fire Sale powerup will spawn them in every room and will reduce the price to only 10 points.


--- 7. Strategies ---

Here is my strategy which I have used with 4 good players to reach round 16 three times. At the end of the round in one game I had upgraded pistols (rockets) and an upgraded ray gun.

Stay in first room until level 5 roughly. Don't buy anything, shoot zombies 6 times then knife to kill. Let some come in for powerups.

At level 5 or 6 (before dogs come preferably) head out the bottom door and into the alley. Buy AK74u, hide in corner by the next door which is a cage gate and kill dogs. After dog round go upstairs into that room. 2 people Guard the stairs. 1 on each of the boarded windows. Stay there until you all have preferably 5 - 7k points.

Continue to theater. Turn on power, link teleporter. If you all have 5k points go up and upgrade your guns. IMO 2 upgraded AKs and 2 upgraded starting pistols (which turn into rockets) is the best. Stay on the stage part of the theater and keep running around, line them up behind you, turn shoot (or cook grenade and throw it down next to you) then keep running. If dogs come all hide in one corner.

Get juggernog. This is vital.

Try for the Mystery Boxes, it's marked as a green dot on the board at the back of theater (and other places). If you get ray gun, sonic gun (forget name) or crossbow, upgrade them. Monkey bombs are good also. From there you can get quick revive and quick reload also.

Work together as a team, try to keep a crawler at the end of each round (zombie with no legs) so you can repair/reload/upgrade etc.

--- Additional strategy courtesy of jtunnat36 ---

Alright guys, I have a much different strategy, got me and three buddies to 23 last night. After 21 the damage multiplier really catches up. The lack of an ultimate gun (ray gun is weak, thunder has low ammo) is really the toughest part. I had both light machine guns, and would go through both clips, just watching a window...anyway, we camp it out in the outside alley, without opening the last chain link door....two people facing double tap area, one facing the ceiling where they jump down, and one at the window, holding one after each map. We have PAP'd most weapons, some are cool, some are effective, but mostly keep your sights on the two light machine guns or galil...if anyone wants me to go more in-depth, by all means let me know....

Alright Gents, I have modified my old strategy and it consistently gets us to levels 25, and 28 once (I was ranked 808 in points on the leaderboards)...from the start room work your way to the speedy cola room. Stay in this area (I had three people) one on each stair, one on both windows, for a coupe rounds. Once you have enough, open the door, go through the dressing room, past the stage (turn power on if you want), and work your way to the outside alley. Once there, your point of camp will be next to the double tap machine. There is only one window for a guy to watch and old every round, and the other two, or three can concentrate on the long pathway, with 90% of the zombies being funnelled through that door. You will have a few jump off the ceiling but they never posed a problem because you're far enough away. Another tip, always start the round outside, if you do no gas crawlers. I must've PaP'd 7 or 8 different guns that game, points aren't a problem. You can also set up a nice corner of claymore, which makes dog rounds free ammo rounds....anymore questions hit me up, GT: Hext666

--- Additional strategy courtesy of spanishbob ---

Shoot 6 times then stab them for max points. It's been this way since the first Zombie map in WaW. Also line zombies up and fire. This allows you to hit the first zombie as well as the zombies behind netting you 10 points for each hit (so 3 zombies equals 30 points from one bullet). Do it 6 times then stab the first zombie. Shoot the second zombie (allowing the bullets to go through and hit the zombie behind him) another 2 times and stab. Then shoot the last zombie once and stab. 9 Bullets, maximum points. It really, really helps gets more points earlier as well as conserving ammo.

The whole lining up a bunch of zombies and shooting the lead 6 times and knifing, then the second one twice and knifing, etc obviously only applies to the first round. On the second round you increase the amount of bullets you put in to the lead zombie and the zombies behind. The same for each additional round.

--- Additional strategy courtesy of sed83 ---

I found a pretty good place to camp for a bit... at least until round 15 and by then u should leave a lone zombie (one with legs and let him start chasing after a teammate, or the new crawling zombie that spits toxic when died) and starts getting perks and good weapons (if u already have then it's time to PaP them).

ok start off in the main lobby... make your way to the theatre via the UPSTAIRS route... you have quite a few doors to open to make sure u save up.

Once at the theatre do your usual bit, getting juggernog, etc... Then open the door near to the claymore / m16 / power switch... run upstairs into the room... head back downstairs to the back alley...

Move to the back of the back alley where double tap root beer is..

There is just 1 window here... have 1 guy watch the only window... 2 guys watch the front near to the mystery box.. But watch out for zombies dropping from above.

last guy stand on the steps but do not open that door, and shoots from there... if gets overrun, open the door at the last resort and start running back to main lobby, up the stairs, rinse and repeat...

--- Additional strategy courtesy of Xepoa ---

I am proud to say I am a true team player. I pack-a-punch the Crossbow and Ballistic knife, grab monkey bombs and all the perks, and always help a downed man (actually, I recently started doing this after I realized how dang useful this tactic truly is). It helps when my partners get Ray guns, for added effect.

Best team:

All have:

Monkey Bombs

Bowie Knife

Pack-a-punched weapons

All perks

P1: Ballistic Knife, Crossbow

P2: Zeuscannon, Ray Gun

P3: Automatic gun, Ray Gun

P4: Automatic gun, Ray Gun

What a lot of people don't understand is that you WANT the gaseous bastards to attack you in the same swarm as the zombies. When they die, their explosion actually kills the zombies, which is quite helpful.

--- Additional strategy courtesy of Dawq902 ---

Me and friends got to round 23 on Kino Der Toten and 18 on "Five".

Kino Der Toten Strategy:

Rounds 1 - 3: use the knife only. Only use the pistol on round 3 if it's necessary. Do not buy any weapons in the room.

Round 4: Use the knife and pistol to get maximum points

Round 5: Open the upstairs door and the door in that room and go down the small flight of stairs into the room where you can buy the stakeout and MP40. Buy the stakeout for 1500 and have one or two people cover the door you opened and the rest cover the 3 windows. DO NOT leave this room before dogs. The stakeout is a 1 hit dog kill. You should also reload it every chance you have just to be safe. After dogs you can either get points for another round or two or open the door into the dressing room and the one into the stage. If you have found the box buy now use it and attempt to get some good weapons. If not go into the stage and turn on the power. This turns on all the perks and shows you where the box is. Once you know where the box is (if you have not found it by this point) go to it and buy weapons until you get a Ray Gun and RPK or run out of money. NEVER OPEN THE DOOR NEAR THE DOUBLE TAP PERK. If you do this you will lose. From the stage you should open the door to the metal staircase and then the gate into the alley with the AK74 U if the box is there. If not save your points for the box and perks.

Holdout Strategy: Very simple. 2 guys watch front. 2 guys watch windows.

TIP: You should get the perks in this order 1. Jug 2. Speed Cola 3. Quick Revive 4. Double Tap

Round 10 (Most Important): By round 10 you should be safely in the room with the MPL and the fire trap. It is off of the main lobby. NEVER open the door in the back right corner of the room. This is the room where you will hold out for the rest of the game. This has safely got me and friends to round 23 twice, the 2nd time with the box glitch happening from round 19 - 23 and only having one Ray Gun.

From round 10 onwards you should be able to rack up points and make a crawling zombie at one of the windows with a grenade. Once you have that solo crawler you can go around to the box, buy perks and eventually upgrade your weapons at the pack-a-punch.

TIPS: it would be ideal for everyone to have an upgraded Ray Gun and RPK as soon as possible. I know this is not always possible though. You will have to figure out what guns would make good substitutions. I do not recommend keeping an upgraded HK21 long. It is significantly worse than the RPK.

Keep Ray Gunners watching the front door.

Conserve ammo as best as possible!

Grab power ups at the last possible second if possible to make them more effective.


User Info: -Silent--Death-

6 years ago#2

--- 8. Tips ---

-Get a mic and use it

-Repair windows when you can, hold X on them, you get 10 points per board you repair (although there is a max number of points you can earn from doing this per each round so keep this in mind)

-In the first room (lobby) there are 4 windows: 1 upstairs, 1 at the back, 1 by the shotgun on the wall and 1 by the teleporter. If you have 4 people playing that means 1 per each window. Stay at your own window

-Do not come over to my window and fire about 4 shotgun rounds into the level 1 zombies that I was waiting to knife

-Shoot a zombie 5 or 6 times with the pistol then knife him (especially for early zombies) for max points

-Let some zombies in for powerups (2x points, insta kill etc)

-Try to leave a zombie or (preferably) a crawler, which is a zombie with no legs, at the end of each round so you can reload/repair/buy/upgrade/ etc

-Learn what the powerups are and when to use them, eg tell everyone to reload before getting max ammo, let a lot of zombies in before using the nuke etc

-Remember there are traps and turrets if you get really stuck. The room upstairs above the alleyway is really good for locking yourself in behind the traps if you need to

-RUN AROUND. You are faster than the zombies. I find the best places to run around and get a "train" going is on the theater stage, the room with the mounted machine gun (Not the theater) or even the stairs in the first room, the lobby, although those stairs are quite narrow and you can get stuck on the stuff in the middle of the room

-If you have never played zombies before, which I know many probably haven't, then play solo first to get used to it

--- Additional Tips courtesy of whiteboygene ---

-You only get a certain amount of repair points for each wave. It increases with each wave, but know you can only get 40 on wave 1, so repairing more than four boards on wave 1 is pointless.

-KNIFE in the earlier rounds and use your pistol. Don't be that guy stealing everyone's zombies with the Olympia. If you do plan to stay in the starting room until wave 4-6, be a smart gamer and buy the M14, not the Olympia.

-You get 60 points for killing a zombie with a gun, 100 for a headshot, and 130 if you finish them off with a knife. Use this knowledge to your advantage, headshots are important.

-Zombies die in one knife slash on the first round, two in the second, three in the third and fairly soon after that your knife will be next to useless.

-Instead of just killing zombies with whatever weapons you have, try to maximize your points. Using automatic weapons to get headshots is much more effective than shotguns, snipers, ray guns, etc.

-In the earlier rounds if you can gather zombies up and control them in a group line them up and start firing off your pistol into the mob. Your rounds will penetrate and you will get +10 points for each zombie your bullet hits. Finish off the one in the front of the line with your knife and repeat. Using this method with a 2x points will net you a lot of points.

-As -Silent—Death- said, learn to use the power-ups effectively. DON'T GET THEM at the very last part of the wave, try to save them until the last second to maximize their effectiveness. Also don't go rushing madly into a pile of zombies just because you see a bomb, you will more than likely go down before you are able to get the powerup. If this happens, you can still pick up the powerup while you are downed by scooting towards it, but you will lose your perks by going down and also miss out on the ammo/points rewarded by the powerup.

-Reach for Juggernog tonight! - But only if you have a decent gun and the points to do so. Additional perks that are very helpful are Quick Revive and then Speed Cola, although I can't explain how much it sucks to lose all three when going down.

-Run facing forward, don't be the 10,000th guy I've seen get backed up into a corner or pile of zombies because he was backing up the whole time. Watch where you are moving.

-If the **** hits the fan, start RUNNING AWAY or go to the teleporter. Do not try and put your back to a wall and hold out because you will die. Throw a monkey if you have them and RUN around the map. Use your speed to your advantage and try to learn how to not get cornered.

-Sometimes bad **** happens and there is nothing you can do. Try not to play the blame game unless someone is belligerently being a terrible player.

-Don't expect your teammates to revive you if you go down in the middle of everything in the beginning of a wave, if there are no monkeys and no one has quick revive, you're pretty much screwed.

-This applies to the above, don't jump into a pile of zombies just to revive a teammate because you feel bad for them losing their new pack-a-punched weapon, it sucks, but it's not worth losing your own perks over, much less your life.

-If you are holding Monkeys are you see a Max Ammo powerup, THROW ALL MONKEYS (as well as anyone else on your team that has them) and then go pick it up, after everyone has reloaded of course.

-If you are out of ammo with a good gun and you have the points to Pack-a-Punch, do it! You will get all that ammo back, and most likely more.

-DON'T pick up Max Ammo's when a teammate is down unless there is no option.

-Knife as much as you can when Insta-Kill is on, but don't get yourself killed in the process.

-When you are running into a tight space, the man at the front of the line should be the man with the Thunder Gun/Zeus Cannon. Give him backup when he needs to reload.

-Fire sale makes the mystery boxes appear in all locations and you can hit them for 10 points a pop, but don't get yourself killed.

--- Additional Tips courtesy of GTTFOS ---

-Everyone will eventually go down, that's just how zombies is. So there really isn't any better weapon than the upgraded ballistic knife. Shoot it at a downed ally and they're instantly revived.

-Upgraded crossbow works similar to monkey bombs, just with more ammo and a shorter fuse.

-Upgraded AUG gets an underbarrel shotgun attachment, which makes it a good weapon vs dogs as well.

-Quick Revive in solo play costs 500 and will auto-revive you when you're downed.

-As far as I'm concerned, the MP5K is just as good as the AK74u for zombie killing. I take the top path because by the time I get to the power, I have a path to speed cola already open. I generally use the pistol / knife / grenades exclusively until I can afford to get all the way to the MP5K, then use that to get enough money for juggernog, turn on the power and get it, then save up for speed cola.

-The ballistic knife is GREAT. I was killing zombies, crawlers and dogs in 2 hits every round, and when upgraded you can shoot downed teammates for an instant revive. I'm not sure how long it stays a 2 hit kill but we were like round 15 or so when we went down.

--- Additional Tips courtesy of askansir ---

-When you turn on the power, every vaulted-ceiling room that you enter will have something smashing holes in the ceiling; this is where the teethies come in from. So, in both Five and Kino, no teethies until the power is on. There are much less Teethies in Five.

-The Bowie knife stops being a 1HK on round 10.

-After you TP, you may get into weird rooms, look for items to pick up like 'sale' icons, 'death machine' icons and reels of film for the projector (go to projector and hit X to enter new reel).

--- Additional Tips courtesy of WiinolikePS3 ---

-knifing or killing the Gas Zombies with a Wunderweapon (PaPunched weapons, Thundergun, Ray Gun) will cause them to die without exploding. This makes the Bowie knife very useful for a bit, but keep in mind that it'll become a two-knife kill around round 15.

--- Additional Tips courtesy of xXToxic_D3m0nXx ---

-If you have 2 people in a room with upgraded ballistic knives and bowie knife. Make them watch the window. BK takes to hits to kill a zombie. Thus saving much ammo and your safe behind the window. Not only that they swing faster. Plus they also insta revive someone from a distance. The best damn weapon in my OP.

-The crossbow winch is another godly gun. Upgraded CB acts as a monkeybomb. The zombies will follow them. The AUG upgraded is a bad ass gun. Not only that it has a masterkey attachment that is godly as well.

-Upgrading the pistol is fine, but is stupid at later levels. With the crawler zombies running about and the smoke from the explosions it's hard to see the crawler zombies you made with your pistol thru the smoke. They sneak up on you and kill you.

-The RPK upgraded is an awesome gun all away around. At level 19 I ran around the map using all ammo to finish the level. With four people having that gun there is no excuse to run about of ammo with 2 people watching the window with BK. When you run out of the RPK witch places if you have the aug or BK.).

--- Additional Tips courtesy of WiinolikePS3 ---

-RPK upgraded blows after about wave 25 when playing with four people. I used all of the ammo in it within one round. The HK is much better, especially with double tap.

-The upgraded ballistic knife is not that helpful. There will pretty much never be a situation in which you can use it and both 1) survive using it and 2) have the person you revived survive.

-The upgraded crossbow, while cool, runs out of ammo way too fast so it's pretty much useless as well later on.

-We got to 27 with four players last night. Would've made it further but the damn zombies wouldn't drop ammo for us. We held out in the downstairs room that you can open at the beginning for 750. If you don't open the door in the back it's a great place to stay for awhile. Once it hits the fan, you can open the back door and just start running.


--- 9. FAQ ---

Q: Which spot is best to run away from the zombies without getting trapped?

A: Don't think of it as "running away" but rather running around. Any place with plenty of room. My personal favourite is the stage in the theater room; keep running around in big circles, letting the zombies form a train behind you.


Q: How long should I stay in the first room? I normally only stay for around 3 rounds because then the zombies start pouring in.

A: Me personally - 5 or 6 rounds depending on when the dogs come. I don't like being in there if the dogs come because I normally still only have my pistol, as do my teammates. Aim for at least round 4 before heading out to ensure plenty of points.


Q: What is the best shotgun?

A: I'm going to say the one in the room with the mounted machine gun (not the theater). I personally don't like the one in the lobby.


Q: What is the "pack-a-punch"? Is it BO only, what is juggernaut and speed cola, how do I get all of these?

A: See above for Pap. Juggernog and speed cola are simply perks like in multiplayer. Except you buy them with your points out of the machines (like soda machines) and you lose them if you are downed. Juggernog is like juggernaught, you can take extra hits, and speed cola is light sleight of hand, faster reload.


Q: Do you have a map of Kino?

A: I take NO credit for this, but this site has one as well as some other useful information.



Q: I need help with "Five"

A: I take NO credit for this, but here is a video on the basic tactics to use in the map "Five".





Well there it is guys. Hope it helps. Thanks heaps to everyone that contributed, I tried to credit everyone and if I missed you out I apologize.

NB: This is probably the last version I do as I think we now have a enourmous amount of information right here now thanks to the community. But please remember if I've made a mistake or missed something or you still want to contriubte then please feel free to post.

V1.1: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/callofduty7workingtitle/show_msgs.php?topic_id=m-1-57139830&pid=960189&tag=topics%3Btitle

User Info: Metroidude477

6 years ago#3
Nice. Stickied.
GT: ShadowStorm47

User Info: Xepoa

6 years ago#4
Team g00b: Epoa, Geb, and Gecko.
1v1 records: MW2: 7-0; Black Ops: 1-0 So far, so good.

User Info: -Silent--Death-

6 years ago#5

User Info: Xepoa

6 years ago#6
Thought I'd bump this for ya.
Team g00b: Epoa, Geb, and Gecko.
1v1 records: MW2: 7-0; Black Ops: 1-0 So far, so good.

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6 years ago#7

Might as well de-sticky the other one.

User Info: Xepoa

6 years ago#8
Team g00b: Epoa, Geb, and Gecko.
1v1 records: MW2: 7-0; Black Ops: 1-0 So far, so good.

User Info: smooth_randy

6 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: __Curley__

6 years ago#10
XCal (a CoD commentator) posted a new solo guide for Five that I'd just like to share

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDGrtMCNuFw&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZPP6oi7VLo&feature=sub
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