What's a good idea for a montage name and songs?

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  3. What's a good idea for a montage name and songs?

User Info: mantoura

7 years ago#1
Me and my friend are making a montage and have all the clips, we just need a good name for it (preferably something Australian) and some music. Full credit for whichever name I pick.
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User Info: oemorish

7 years ago#2
why Aussie? wait stupid question your probably from there. its a montage though so i say the music should be 80's based like the classic training montages (think Rocky), lol.

that or something by Metallica lol

User Info: TonyHawk50

7 years ago#3
Let the bodies hit the floor
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User Info: Epic__Failure

7 years ago#4
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User Info: Paradox421

7 years ago#5
I prefer to hear ambient/progressive/trance/house for montages. Less distracting/obnoxious. Not to say I don't like rock/metal/etc, but those genres usually annoy a larger crowd when placed in a montage.
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User Info: theFEMAcamper

7 years ago#6
you should watch more tv if u have trouble thinking for yourself
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User Info: Helmer95

7 years ago#7

User Info: oemorish

7 years ago#8
Tv helps your imagination. well actually sarcasm aside it could give you ideas.

User Info: Dontogan

7 years ago#9
Possible Song: X-Ray Dog - Final Hour (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo2_s7J8-JA)
Possible Name: I don't know, I'd need montage specifics. But, uh... Final Round.
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User Info: Dman_15

7 years ago#10
songs? anything you like. its your montage. some of the best I have seen use songs that I would never thought of but they sync it up and make it work
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  3. What's a good idea for a montage name and songs?

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