Hardened Pro vs Sleight of Hand Pro?

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User Info: 8DaysTillSunday

7 years ago#1
what do you feel is more advantageous during a gunfight--no flinch for better precision, or the faster ADS?
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User Info: jc_dogg17

7 years ago#2
faster ADS IMO. Typically if someone gets the drop on you, you will be dead 95% of the time. If you the drop on someone else then neither really matter. However, in a equal fight, it depends on range really. Farther away Hardened Pro would be more useful along with at close range since you will most likely just hip fire. At medium range, I'd say SoH pro is better.
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User Info: Capteone

7 years ago#3
i'm curious about this as well, haven't gotten Hardened Pro yet
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  3. Hardened Pro vs Sleight of Hand Pro?

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