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3Arc Intel..Really?

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User Info: gord57

6 years ago#1
So I entered it to get my cheats for fun and now I can never get the intel? Is there a way I can get it? If I cant Im just going to delete my game history for Balck ops and my savle files, because this is a horrible game, and now I cant even get 1000G.

User Info: MacmillansTeach

6 years ago#2
"are you sure you want to unlock the intel, if you do the achievement will be blocked?"

What part of that was so hard to understand, you even had to type yes.
I liked Treyarch before it was cool to.
I was modded for calling Kittyheart a troll once -_-

User Info: neo revolution

neo revolution
6 years ago#3
Horrible game

Yet still play it for the achievements

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User Info: MonkeyBones23

6 years ago#4
why would you use the cheat for unlock all intel and expect the intel to still be there
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User Info: gord57

6 years ago#5
I figure you could at least undo it or just collect the intel over again to get the achivement. Seriously, I cant even undo it?

User Info: MacmillansTeach

6 years ago#6
Oh and Deleting the save files doesn't help (several people have tried).

Hope you like always being 15g short for being an idiot.
I liked Treyarch before it was cool to.
I was modded for calling Kittyheart a troll once -_-

User Info: SnakeEyes170

6 years ago#7
glad i didn't enter the cheat for the intel i don't care about which I got while running through veteran.

i'm 985/1000G but that's a zombies achievement
u alreaady have been died-kenshro mater of hoketo shankin
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User Info: S0uljaBoYisKiNG

6 years ago#8
jajajajajj tc
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THE gamefreak 212 6 years ago#9
As already mentioned, the game explicitly tells you that you will not be able to get the achievement if you proceed to use the code. How do you miss that, especially when you have to then type "yes" to activate it?
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User Info: PidgeonPeasant

6 years ago#10
wow that sucks TC..but the comments in this thread makes it damn hilarious xDDDD.

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