Hacker or Ninja?

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User Info: amicone9987

6 years ago#1
What do you think? I've always used ninja in MW2 and i'm almost on my 4th prestige, I'm thinking about giving hacker a shot, I will always have warlord, and Hardline for my other tier perks.
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User Info: Majik25

6 years ago#2
Ninja, next patch will be out any day and is increasing footsteps again.

User Info: tabootsee

6 years ago#3
without question hacker

User Info: OMGitzDANGA

6 years ago#4
G11 is my life.

User Info: coolturtle

6 years ago#5
With hacker, you will do better against most people because the average person doesn't have a headset or even bother to listen for footsteps. You might have those occasional terrible games though when you get destroyed by someone using a headset.

I'd say go with hacker for now, but post patch it might change.

User Info: david60639

6 years ago#6
Always used ninja/dead silence/etc. Always will.

User Info: dueric

6 years ago#7
Yeah, I gotta go Hacker or Tac Mask Pro. Unless you're playing competitive, then I'd go Ninja Pro.

Even when they patch Ninja Pro, other Ninja Pro users will counter it anyway.

If they're not using Ninja, you can here them just fine without it.

Hacker has saved me so many times I lost count already.
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User Info: dubya_111

6 years ago#8
its almost impossible to juke claymores now, you need flak jacket or hacker, and flak jacket is for the lazy
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User Info: aLmosT_bLinD

6 years ago#9
Use Flak Jacket with Ninja or Ghost with Hacker. Flak Jacket and Hacker seem redundant.
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User Info: KAnE3o1

6 years ago#10
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