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User Info: Obscuros

7 years ago#1
Call of Duty Black Ops: Theater Mode

As I have heard these questions over and over again, I made this faq / guide to theater mode. I will explain every step from recording videos to posting them on straight from the game.

Lets begin....

What is theater mode?

Theater mode is a new mode to the call of duty series. Essentially it lets you record clips of any matches you have played and store them on your player card's file share for others to see. You can also upload any clips in your file share to or These can be used for montages or just showing cool moments. You can also upload screenshots.

Does uploading video clips cost money like in Halo?

No. Uploading clips is completely free, but it comes at a price in the form of limitations which are detailed in the limitations section.

What is required for theater mode?

-An xbox 360 with access to xbox live
-copy of Call of Duty Black ops
-A computer with internet access

***Some important things to note: If you have a 4GB xbox 360 slim, theater mode will not work!! You must have a hard drive, or xbox 360 formatted usb drive in your 360 for the game to be able to store recorded video. Otherwise it won’t even let you record. This is also true of other games that have recording capabilities such as Halo Reach.

What are the limitations of Theater mode?

Any clips you want to post on cannot be more than 30 seconds long. The quality of the clips uploaded is also limited to 360p. Any headset chatter will not be audible in the clips. You cannot record anything from single player mode, zombies, or local multi-player. You can only record matches that happen over xbox live. Once a clip is uploaded to it will have advertising (without your permission mind you) attached to the video. You can get rid of this by downloading the video and re-uploading it to

**Note: You can have clips of any length you like on your file share and these will be in HD.

Getting Started

Now that you have all the required things listed above lets open theater mode by going to:

press start-->multiplayer-->xbox live-->Theater


1) Treyarch stores a full recording of the last 100 matches you played in their servers. You have to search for the match you want to record from by going to “my recent games”. Here you will see the long list. Select the match you want and press “select for playback”

2) The game will download a recording of the entire match onto your Xbox 360. Once it is done downloading press “start film” and the film will load.
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User Info: Obscuros

7 years ago#3
Controls in theater mode:

The default controls are as follows:
A: Play / Pause
B: Toggle Hud
X: Start / Stop Recording (hold for screenshot)
Y: Switch Camera
RT: Play back speed (pressure sensitive)
LT: Jump Back
RB: Next player
LB: Previous player
Start: Pause
Select: Scoreboard

**Note: I highly recommend you change the control scheme to digital. The main difference is that LT is used for slow motion and RT for fast forward while the d-pad is used to jump forward / backward. This makes it much easier to capture moments in slow motion.


Now that you have the film open, it’s time to record clips. The raw recording will automatically play once it loads. Fast forward to the moment you are interested in recording by using the right trigger. Once you get to the moment you want press “X” to begin recording. The game will now begin recording (you can tell because the word record will be flashing red).

Anything you do while recording will be captured. If you play the clip in the slow motion, that’s the way it will be recorded. Likewise if you pause while recording, that will be recorded. Once you capture what you want press “x” again and press “name segment” to give the segment a name. You can also preview the segment to make sure it looks right or discard it if you don’t like it.

You can save up to 10 different segments into 1 clip. By going to “start manage segments”. Here you can change the order of the segments and add a fade or cut transition between the segments.

The camera

One of the most important aspects of recording is the camera angle. Press “Y” to change the type of camera. You have 3 choices:

-First person mode
-3rd person
-Free-roam camera

Finalizing your Recording

Once you feel comfortable with what you have recorded you will press the “start” button and select “upload clip” Here you can name your clip and give it a description. Press “continue”. Now you will choose the player card slot that the clip will be uploaded to. You can have up to six clips on your player card.

***Note: If you want to upload this clip to the internet then keep it under 30 seconds. Otherwise it will only be viewable on your Xbox 360.

User Info: Obscuros

7 years ago#4
Uploading to the Internet

Now that you have recorded your uber cool moment, you want the world to see it! Getting the video clip from your Xbox 360 to the internet is probably the most misunderstood part of Theater mode. It’s also the hardest part. Let’s break it down step by step:

1) Have your recorded clip (keep it under 30 seconds) on your file share.
2) Go to: on your PC.
3) If you don’t have an account then start a new one.
4) Once you have an account then log in and go to the theater. (click on theater link on top of page once logged in)
5) Here you must link your account to your xbox live gamertag. This step is crucial. Click “link”
6) Now choose which system you play black ops on.
7) Now you will be directed to a windows live login page ( if you are not directed to this page then read note at the end of these steps)
8) Use the same login info you use to logon onto (if you don’t have an profile or windows live id, then create one its free)
9) Once you enter your windows live login information your gamer tag will be linked. (your theater page will confirm this)
10) If you want your clip to be directly uploaded to then you must also link your account. This is also available on your theater page once you are logged into If you do not link to a youtube account, then you can still watch the movies on the call of duty website.
11) Now go back to your Xbox 360 and start up call of duty black ops. Go back to theater mode and select “my file share”. Now select which clip you want to upload to the internet.
12) Press “select for playback”
13) Now press “render clip”
14) The clip will load and play (do not press anything while it plays, unless you want to stop it from uploading)
15) After it plays completely it will begin uploading. This can take anywhere from 2-15 minutes depending on your connection.
16) Once it is done uploading it take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes for it to appear on and (the day the game released it took 4-6 hours for clips to appear)

***Note: If you are not directed to a windows live login page in step 7 this is most likely because you have saved your windows live login into your internet browser and the page automatically logged you in. Go back to and you should be linked up. This happened to me and frustrated me to no end since I couldn’t tell if it worked at first.

**Note: You can also upload screen shots using the same method outlined above.


So I have covered everything I know about this great new addition to the Call of Duty franchise. If you want to see any examples of video uploaded straight from the game:

Good luck and happy recording

User Info: ninjaman148

7 years ago#5
sticky requested
B-52 pilots and co-pilots have ejector seats. The rest of the crew needs to jump out.

User Info: Obscuros

7 years ago#6
thanks ninja.

User Info: Lord Helio

Lord Helio
7 years ago#7
I request a sticky also. All guides need stickies

User Info: Obscuros

7 years ago#8
bump, and thanks for the stickys.

User Info: jats605

7 years ago#9
Does uploading video clips cost money like in Halo?
Stopped reading here.
It costs to render them, not to upload/watch.
I upload any funny/strange/awesome things I see in Black Ops, so check out my channel!
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