Call of Duty: The worst community in the history of videogames

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User Info: KillaBeAt

6 years ago#1
Admittedly, I'm not entirely sure what the community on quake 2 was like (since I was only about 13 and and didn't have a PC to play games on back then) but I have played a TON of online shooters/rpgs/racing games and I can say beyond ANY shadow of a doubt that Call of Duty has the single worst online gaming community of any game I've ever played. It edges out WoW ever so slightly.

Nobody who plays this game cares about anything other than seeing how big the numbers in their stats can go. Every single game mode plays exactly the same, 70-90% of the team camps the back of the map while 1-3 people go and actually try to complete the objectives. Everybody with a mic spouts racist, misogynistic, homophobic garbage or screams/sings in to the mic in a high pitched screeching just to bother you. Nobody in this game cares about ANYBODY but themselves. Everybody uses the same 3 perk set up, the same 5-6 guns, and the same killstreaks

Here's a fun challenge, go look at the top 10 weapons you've been killed by. I can more or less promise that for 95% of you the top 3 will be AK74 ---> Famas -----> Galil in that exact order. The top 10 will almost certainly be some combination of the 8 automatic assault rifles, the ak74u, and the mp5k as it was with every single person I've checked in the last 2 days.

I have come to the realization that everything I hate about CoD is based almost solely on the community playing it. These games have pretty good map design (though the Map pack kind of sucked) and excellent variety in their game modes, but the community is just SO terrible that I don't think I can even bother to finish out my last 2 prestiges.
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User Info: Loshadt

6 years ago#2
It's not just CoD, it's every modern shooter.

Because its M-rated games for "adult" gamers. If CoD wereT-rated the people who generally ruin it wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.
Russian is my first language, so yes there may be a spelling error or two.
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User Info: Sieith

6 years ago#3
...I dictate the next cod be cell-shaded and the campaign be completely ridiculous and not serious at all

User Info: Vincent729

6 years ago#4
Halo is worse IN MY OPINION.
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User Info: Germanotta

6 years ago#5
That was one really big truth

User Info: DebugVirus

6 years ago#6
I don't mean to sound like a fanboy but this is some truth:

The community from when Halo 3 was popular was so much nicer. Sure there were the occasional douchebags but that is inevitable. When you did good in that game, people wanted to party up, gave you props for your skill, and maybe even send you a FR. Nowadays people will accuse you of cheating or just get all around angry when you beat them or do better than them.

Now I can't say that this was exclusive to that specific community but that is the only one that I have been exposed to that was like that. The cod community in general is full of douches but there are some actually cool people. The only reason everyone seems like and a**h**e is because some people, myself included, get angry when confronted with ignorance and stupidity. These things are in abundance and they cause almost everyone to be angry and mean to almost everyone.
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User Info: KillaBeAt

6 years ago#7
Halo Reach was pretty bad, but I never found Halo 3s community to be too terrible. Also, there have been modern shooters with GREAT communities that come to mind. TF2 had an awesome community, L4D games (though thats a different beast altogether) were fun. On PS3, the KZ2 and, to a lesser extent KZ3 communities were good. I just have NO idea what it is about CoD that makes EVERYBODY forget even the most BASIC tenements of human decency. I won't even try and dissociate myself from it.

I remember playing games in CTF when nobody on my team was doing anything and yelling my ass off because I was so pissed that nothing was happening. Something about CoD just seems to bring out the worst aspects of everybody.
84% of people make up their statistics. If you are one of the 16% that don't, put this in your signature.

User Info: Callitanight21

6 years ago#8
Not the worst but somewhere up there. - Free Games
Team Fortress still has good people playing it. I got into it later, and people were surprisingly helpful in telling me what was going on.
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User Info: Meltdown611186

6 years ago#10
Have to say I agree.

I pretty much refuse to chat with anyone but my friends on call of duty anymore. You cannot have any sort of intelligent conversation or teamwork with anyone. Maybe America and the world is just angry in general.
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