Fastest way to level up?

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User Info: NinoSuave

5 years ago#1
I got reset for unknown reasons(I dont know why at least) and stopped playing. I was only 7th prestige working towards 15th and most of my lifetime challenges were done.

I started playing again and currently 4th prestige 45 going to at least 14th before MW3 comes out.

I get super bored of Dom and I play SnD when not playing that getting 5-10 kills a game average.

What is the fastest way to level up though? Kill based games like HQ, DoM where you can rack up gun challenges, SnD(based on my kills per game) or something else entirely?

I want to level up quickly, I have a 2.42 KD and a 2.0 WLR, what should I be playing?
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User Info: MathusRayn

5 years ago#2
My friend got tons of points in Headquarters and reached 15 prestige pretty fast. The catch is your team actually has to cap it to get tons of points.
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User Info: TitanOxide

5 years ago#3
Kill based games like HQ, DoM

The only Kill based gametypes are FFA and TDM. Sorry sir, but if you're not playing the objective in an objective gametype you're doin it wrong.

But to level quickly? contracts. As many as you possibly can. And if you're really good, but want to exploit how the game works (do I even have to bring up your quote again) play CTF. For every kill you get while holding the enemy flag you get an offencive medal (effectively doubling the score for every kill you get).
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User Info: Alpha_Shin

5 years ago#4
headquaters by far trust me or unless your godly at s&d and can get 10+ kill per match then that.
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User Info: rildomein

5 years ago#5

Lose track of time while playing.

User Info: frayedmetal87

5 years ago#6
3/4/5 killstreaks, with Hardline. Use SAM turret as it will get you points shooting down aircraft, care packages are good as well, you get points for throwing the marker and using the ks you get. Also, play Dom and cap flags for easy 150pts per flag. CTF is good if you run an smg class with LW and Marathon, as long as your capping flags. Demo can be good too, 500 pts for planting/defusing and the matches usually last a long time so you can really rack up kills and complete your gun challenges quickly. Don't stick to one weapon, try to use as many as you can for the challenge exp.
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User Info: SockArtist

5 years ago#7
Play HQ with a full party. Don't go for quick wins, rather try to extend the game for as long as possible.

User Info: gsninja

5 years ago#8
If you have a solid party, play HQ. I remember playing it with a party during the last Double EXP weekend, the amount of experience I was getting from those matches far outclassed what I was getting in other gametypes.
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User Info: Perfect_flame

5 years ago#9

SockArtist posted...
Play HQ with a full party. Don't go for quick wins, rather try to extend the game for as long as possible.

I agree to HQ with a party as the fastest (and funnest IMO) way to level up but I think its best to finish theas quick as possible.

User Info: hella_coo

5 years ago#10
I would suggest (as some of the other before me have already):

-Use Low(er) kill streaks with Hardline.
-CTF is great way to rack up points and complete challenges.
-Objective based game types (CTF, HQ, Domination, SnD, etc.) rack up more XP than your traditional Free-For-All and TDM.

BUT! I think it's more fun playing game types that you enjoy (DUH...) rather than playing game types that yield the most XP. Makes the whole prestige process less painless.

I'm out with that. Peace.
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