Forced to buy map packs!

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User Info: redweed

6 years ago#1

I don't know why I still play this game considering the amount of blatant cheating that goes on, maybe because it is still pretty fun even though I spend more then half my time reporting players.

However what I do think is very cheeky and annoying is that if you are unwilling (or simply can't afford) to buy the extra map packs your online experience is slowly whittled down to those like yourself who are don't want to fork out 1200 msp for a couple of maps and a zombie map four or five times in the games life cycle! The amount of servers the matchmaking now finds for me is between one and two and that's after buying one of the map packs. I think Activison should reimburse me everytime they release a new map pack as they are actually watering down the multiplayer game for me when they do so! How about some free maps now and then!!! 25 MILLION sales to date at £40 a time, then all those DLC sales and you can't give anything back???? SCUM!

I'm having a real tough time with online multiplayer at the moment. I at one time thought this was where gaming was going to find its true recognition. In some way this is true, but there are far too many annoyances that get in the way of real enjoyment. I want to go back to playing BF2 with thousands of great servers and a robust PunkBuster.

Unfortunatley the allmighty dollar will win over a players game experince and enjoyment everytime! Maybe it is time to join the cheaters and hackers and get some **** for free!

User Info: Arctimon

6 years ago#2
I don't know why I still play this game

*did not read the rest of the post*

Then stop playing it.
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User Info: Appetiser

6 years ago#3
I would think more people do not have map packs than do have them. The reason for my thinking is because I could never find any wager match lobbies when I had 1 or 2 of the map packs, so I deleted them and can now find one almost all the time.

It's partly (mainly, perhaps) down to Treyarch's poor matchmaking though. Go pop MW2 in, a game with comparatively much fewer people playing, and the matchmaking is infinitely more reliable.

User Info: cifer520

6 years ago#4
If you want thousands of dedicated servers and cheat detection then why are you playing a console game? I mean I assume you're playing the console version since this is the 360 board.

User Info: one1sh0t

6 years ago#5
Videos of said "cheating?"

User Info: JensUK

6 years ago#6
lol @ cheating. Even with my embarrassing number of days played, I haven't seen any. Seconding the request for evidence.

User Info: Ohaidere

6 years ago#7

As someone else pointed out, you're probably in the majority with not owning the maps. Not to mention that in the general playlists it doesn't effect who you can play with, in fact I'd say it's the people who own the packs who are at a disadvantage when it comes to playing the actual DLC maps, since they won't pop as much.

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