new bleach games????

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User Info: sophap

7 years ago#1

so far we only get these handheld games, after versus crusade for wii which was okay, how come with popularity of bleach in japan and in america, not adult swim, why haven't new games come out? i mean naruto is cool n all but they are always having a new game release each year, naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 2 for 360,ps3. i was hoping anyone have any info if some other co is making some new bleach game with up to date graphics like narut uns or db raging blast.

bleach on adult swim seems to not be getting as much popularity for some reason, so far they got up to ichigo and grimmjaw final battle, so it would seem there doing good but how come at least bleach blade battlers 2nd didn't come to america is sorta sad. if they made a sequel to bleach blade battlers 2nd, then that'll be cool, but so far i google bleach games n can't find any info on any new bleach games coming soon. even bleach versus crusade for wii been out for like 2 years and no sequels been announce.

all in all i hope cyber connect will make bleach games with all the success of their naruto games, or tomy with clash of ninja 4, clash of ninja revolution 2 was good to make a 4 player multi bleach game like that. either that spike or dimps will make bleach since i enjoyed tenkaichi 2/3 raging blast and burst limit i actually like the bright colors and details of the characters. i just hope bleach get more games coming out soon since it seems to be a anime series that isn't getting the credit it deserves while naruto gets everything, even tho i like naruto and up to date with anime and manga.

User Info: Fortecross

7 years ago#2
Bleach is actually getting very high ratings on Adult Swim and there is no Bleach games to come out except the one for the DS(Bleach 4th) and Versus Crusade. Soul Carnivals are not coming out due to Sega have the license for Bleach games.
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User Info: sophap

7 years ago#3

thats good to know bleach is starting to do good on adult swim. i just hope they make more next gen console games worthy of its rep. i mean dbz even tho its cool n ended still have games that come out each year. y cant bleach have games like raging blast or tenkaichi? naruto is same thing. it has games coming to every system, psp is getting ultimate ninja heroes 3 which goes all the way up to pain arc, allowing u to use pain n konan tobi etc.

versus crusade is ok but i want the system to be along the lines of the tenkaichi series but of course since its bleach every character fight differently so it wont get reptive or have clone movesets. raging blast is cool too, every special is right from the anime, but all in all i hope cyber connect start to make a bleach game since there ultimate special cutscenes are always sick, gameplay is fun just only have four player battle like blade battlers or clash of ninja series.

the people behind cyber connect should be making all the anime fight games since all their naruto games are fun with alot of roster and specials etc. like i said it seems naruto is getting all the games when its only a medicore anime, while anime like bleach which has more potential then naruto gets less. speaking of anime how come animes like inu yasha or yu yu hakusho n one piece dont have good fight games? man i wish they would remake rurouni kenshin, have flame of recca, tenjou tenge, tokyo underground, tenchi muyo fighting games. even new gundam fighting games.


7 years ago#4
Adult swim is repeating episode 110 or right after Bounto arc finished to 167 episode of Bleach because of the Zanpakto arc in japan.
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User Info: Inuyasha50095

7 years ago#5
You're wrong. Aren't you aware that Sega released the games in both regions? It goes like this. The Bleach games on Sony consoles are published by Sony. The Nintendo ones are published by Sega. Sega was willingly to bring the games to the states. Sony isn't. This is why a handful of PS2/PSP Bleach have never touched American shores. It's that simple.
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