Hffffff *manga spoilers*

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User Info: D347hN1nJ4

7 years ago#1
So, I have a feeling they're gonna do " AIZEN IS ICHIGOS FATHER LUL" deal.

Whyyyyy ruin the series, WHY?

User Info: DJ_Kaito

7 years ago#2
I'm really wondering how the series is going to go down, but I doubt that Aizen is Ichigo's father. (But no basis for reasoning. I don't want that either. But if it happens, it happens.)

I mean, Isshin is so much cooler as a dad anyway XD


7 years ago#3
You know I wonder what Aizen was gonna say cause he said "your both a shinigami AND"

He never finished, I wonder what else he was gonna say.
John Koller is truly an embarrassment to Sony. Thats fact.


7 years ago#4
Oh and damn, Tite Kubo takes too many things from Star Wars.

Ichigo your my only hope?

HUH! was Star Wars this big of a success in japan?
John Koller is truly an embarrassment to Sony. Thats fact.

User Info: artorius6

7 years ago#5
There's nothing wrong with paying homage to the things you like. Movies do it all the time. I really can't wait to see how this chapter plays out in the anime though...

User Info: MetalSonicSword

7 years ago#6
Im starting to think it possible he's his uncle. Maybe Aizen's sister was Ichigo's mother? It would explain some things

Ichigo has been refered to as a pure blood. Pehaps that purebloodedness is to do with the soul king. Maybe Aizen and Ichigo's mother were rejected because the current soul king is related to them, but is the first in line to the throne before those two, so Aizen hates the soul king for taking what he feels should be his, and he became fueled by his sister being thrown out of the soul society for one reason or another (ineptitude as a potential soul king/queen).

That might explain how he knew of ichigo's birth too.
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User Info: H0tSh0tzZ

7 years ago#7
Or maybe aizen is a pervert...
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User Info: Extic_Frefter

7 years ago#8
Yeah, I think we just assumed that Ichigo's father was a regular shinigami/captain; I'm thinking his dad was one of those people who guard the key, and the place you get to the key, or the place the key takes you, or something like that.
I mean, it's just to perfect that he winds up going to where Aizen planned to make the key..... and stuff.

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