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User Info: Chone7

8 years ago#1
They should come out with a new create an arena thing, you know like this year it was make you're own finisher, we'll we should be able to create an arena.

Some of the arenas I want are of course, all the pay-per-view arenas, but also, Raw, Smackdown,ECW,(of course) but maybe a few extra like the new pay-per-view Extreme, (or extreme rules I can't remember) bring back Tribute to the troops arena, some classic Wrestlemania arenas, and one that I think would really be cool is a classic RAW arena but with the RAW is WAR everywhere.

I also have a question about WWE superstars, I thought it was a cool show, and I thought that would be a coll arena for SvR 2010, but, my brother said all it is is re-runs of good matches the week before. I have only watched it once so I'm not sure. But I think it would be a cool arena. If you can think of anymore arenas, please post them

User Info: Cronik1983

8 years ago#2

Would like them to include the old skool Royal Rumble arena like they have in LOW, the old skool surivivor series arena and of course the classic Wrestlemania 3 area as bonus unlockable arenas as well as all the main ones from nowadays to keep you current wrestling fans happy :). I like to see the blue cage match type as an unlockable as well. Having the old skool in the game as well as the new skool can only please a wider audience it makes no difference if its in or not to your current wrestling fans you dont have to use them if you dont want and same goes for SVR games having unlockable legends the more the better.

User Info: Osrawo

8 years ago#3
I would like them to make authentic Wrestlemania arena, you know a one that it would actually look like it was in a football stadium.
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User Info: ultimakewl

8 years ago#4
how about they get CAF down good before they start working on some other create thing that they can put no effort in but use as an excuse to not to other work
im sure i could find more reasons to disregard everything you said as the incoherent ramblings of a 7 year old with no friends but i dont have the time

User Info: wesayso26

8 years ago#5
No, your brother is wrong, just so you know. WWE Superstars is a show all of it's own. It is like WWE Sunday Night Heat, or WWE Velocity. They have about three or four matches that help with the storylines on Raw, Smackdown and ECW.

From what I have seen actually, there are always three matches, one for each brand and they all involve a storyline plot currently going on, but the matches are not repeats from any show because they tape WWE Superstars before RAW, I saw it live on May 11th, so I know.

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User Info: xAzNPimP4LiFex

8 years ago#6
yeah, I would love a WM to look like it was really in a football stadium

I would also love Summerslam 92
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User Info: IGNWillFearMe

8 years ago#7
I say give Create an Arena a chance of course. if it made it though i would expect this.

Outside Arena: On/Off

Arena Type: Full House, Half Full, Empty Arena, Half Empty, Etc

Arena Part 1: The first piece would be all the way in the back, kinda like the base to the arena theme. I.E. Stars, Statues, etc

Arena Part 2: The second piece would be like the backlash hooks, raw smackdown ecw look, etc

Arena Part 3: The 3rd element would be like random elements maybe headstones for a cemetery look, or the classic Armageddon tanks look, etc

Ramp Style: Basic, Fat Basic, inVasion V Ramp also a y ramp with a center part to work with entrances, Long Wresle Mania Ramp

Ramp Extra: Red Carpet, Tie Die, Blood Drops, Barbed Wire on sides, White Picket Fence, Etc use your imagination here

Ramp Color: Any Color

Side ring mat: Cement, red, blue, black, redcarpet, etc

Baracade Type: Standard Black, Metal Railings, Plastic railings. etc

Ring Curtain Color: Any color

Ring Curtain Design 1: Design to help theme

Ring Curtain Design 2: 2nd design to try to create possible missing designs.

Ring Curtain Letters: Type up to around 20 characters.

Ring Curtain Font: Choose Letters font, with maybe 20 to choose from.

Turnbuckle Pad Color: Any color

Turnbuckle Pad Logo: WWE, WWE Classic, WCW, ECW, None or write up to 3 letters with any color IE TNA

Ring Mat Color: Any Color

Ring Mat Design: With logos and many many designs.

Ring Mat Letters: write your arena or brand name here IE TNA

Superstars Name Style: This would be the box that pulls up during the superstars entrance with their name listed.

Announcers Table: This would allow you to choose standard or the RAW where they were by the stage, and also a unlockable where they are near the ring and ramp such as TNA's. each of these would have many random generic choices so you werent just mixing the elements of the already included areas. All current arena parts would be included to play around with. instead of having just DLC arenas or DLC CAA parts they would release a new arena lets say like 2009 version of summerslam doesnt make it and tey want to release it VIA DLC. You would get Summerslam 2009 and all of its parts available in Create an Arena.

thats it hope it sounds good
Arenas would cost money like CAB adding that repay value in trying to earn the money to make your favorite arenas possible. Create a Championship was limited like my Create an Arena but we still were able to create several wanted belts.
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