Create A Tag Team Finisher?

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User Info: LCHR788

8 years ago#1
Who wants to see in addition to everything else the debut of "Create A Tag Team Finisher"?

Also more positions for Create A Finisher of course.

User Info: wassonap9

8 years ago#2
More stance poses for Create a finisher sounds possible
Create a Tag, Not going to happem, Even tough its a awesome idea

User Info: LCHR788

8 years ago#3
Bump. Thoughts, anyone else?

User Info: sjm316dta

8 years ago#4
I'd love to see Create-A-Tag Finisher. Not sure how they would implement it though. So, if Create-A-Tag Finisher ends up not being possible, I'd definitely settle for a big update to the original Create-A-Finisher. More animations to create more (and better) moves.
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User Info: LCHR788

8 years ago#5

User Info: bigpappapump43

8 years ago#6
im not one of those guys who are going to put down this years game because i liked last years but we would be lucky if they made another part for caf let alone a tag version

User Info: AssassinsGreed

8 years ago#7
If you can use it online, cheap people will still find a way to cheap it online.
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User Info: SuperSharingan

8 years ago#8
That'll probably not happen because it''d be too hard to implement. But anywayz i want a creat a tag entrance in detail. Not just pick one of the ones they have for you. I really don't like having all my 3+ teams acting like NWO.
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User Info: LCHR788

8 years ago#9
It shouldn`t be too hard to implement. THQ did propose a possibility of it for SvR 2010. But then again THQ does sometimes promise stuff they can`t deliver.

User Info: RyanDragomire

8 years ago#10
They could have it a little more customized atleast if you and your partner each performed a seperate finisher in one cutscene. Aka Twist of Fate to Swanton. I don't think it would be that hard to do really. But then again, I'm not a developer. lol
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