2011 Big Feature: NXT

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User Info: NeoSoulAngel

7 years ago#1
I am a huge fan of NXT. It is a interesting and unique opportunity for 8 "rookies" to get national attention . I can not see WWE putting so much behind NXT as far as star power (World Champion and United States/Unified Tag Team Champion as mentors), marketing, and TV time and not have it in the next WWE game.

So the following is my take on how THQ can work NXT into the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011

Design the CAW Road to Wrestlemania Mode to revolve around NXT. You begin by picking the Mentor/Rookie path you want. Matt Hardy or The Miz with Chris Jericho's story being unlockable or DLC. Have the story begin as your CAW wrestling the winner of the current NXT (who hopefully will be in the game) as the series finale. That way THQ can save disc space on the THQ jobbers that would need to be created to have a entire NXT cast and still have a excuse to include the NXT ring in the game. Your mentor relationship then continues for your first year as a WWE Superstar.

Here is the for mentors/rookie paths on the Road to Wrestlemania

Matt Hardy: The mentor relationship would be one of a true team. Matt Hardy would give you positive feedback and even offer to tag with you as you make your way up the ladder in the WWE.
The two of you take on the WWE head on and become a formidable team. Then Hardy gets involved with the Unified Tag Champions (Hoping for ShowMiz, more on Show later). Then on your way to make it to Wrestlemania and you can choose to either face the Unified Tag Team Champions with Matt or compete in the Money in The Bank Match. This creates two separate stories and adds replay value. You choose tag team, then the goal of the RTW becomes wining your first major titie, the Unified Tag Team Championship, at Wrestlemania. The second story gets complex. The story could have Matt Hardy winning the Royal Rumble (I know it will never happen, but hey, neither will Vince McMahon wearing a chicken suit). Once you win the Money in The Bank Match, and Hardy wins the World Title at Wrestlemania, then you have the option to go out and support Hardy in celebration, or stab your mentor in the back and take advantage of his weakened state and cash in your Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania to defeat him for the World Heavyweight Championship therefore ending his life long dream and becoming a true main event WWE Superstar.

The Miz: The mentor relationship starts off mirroring the current relationship between The American Dragon Brian Danielson (Daniel Bryan to those who dont follow ROH). After you become the new NXT rookie and win a Raw contract, The Miz respects you, but he still does not like you. He then puts you into a series of handicap matches and matches against people he thinks you can not beat, but you win everytime. He then puts you in a match against Big Show in your first PPV match. You beat the Big Show and Miz shakes your hand and raises your arm in victory. You two leave together leaving Show in the ring. The following night on RAW, Show tries to prove is worth in the team. You unknowingly distract Big Show and ShowMiz loses their tag team titles. The Miz then states that he will activate the rematch clause at Wrestlemania, but he is unsure of who is partner will be. Here a choice arises for two separate paths adding to replay value. You can choose to try and become Miz's new partner and win the titles at Wrestlemania or choose your solo Wrestlemania path. If you choose the titles, then you have to prove in a series of matches that you are better then the Big Show as a partner leading to a Wrestlemania match where you face Show one more time. The winner then tags that night with The Miz and wins the titles ending that story. The second option has you qualifying for a United States title match at Wresltmania against Miz's wishes and having to deal with ShowMiz until you defeat Miz at Wresltemania for the United States Title.

User Info: NeoSoulAngel

7 years ago#2
Chris Jericho: I think the following story should be unlockable after you finish Jericho's RTW or maybe even DLC. This relationship is one of pride because Jericho gets to gloat and boast about how you, his pupil, has become the newest Smackdown Superstar and its all thanks to him, the Wold Champion Chris Jericho because he is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho then promises to not only make it to Wrestlemania has champion, but also win at Wrestlemania and show his Rookie what it really means to main event and be a WWE Superstar. You are then involved in matches to build up your CAW stats and make a name for yourself in the WWE. Also, your goal is to make sure that Jericho makes it to Wresltemania as champion while Theodore Long makes it his mission to strip the arrogant Jericho of his title before Wresltmania. After one of your matches, Long calls you into his office and offers you a deal. He thinks that the person that can beat Jericho for the title is the person that may know him the best, you. He says next week on SmackDown you will have a match. You win that match and you qualify for the Royal Rumble at number 30. You win the rumble and then you can challenge Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship. You then say that you will need to think about it. You then go to Jericho and tell him that you really want to take the chance to headline Wresltmania your first year in the WWE. Jericho tells you that your goal should be to make sure he stays Wold Champion until his hand is raised at Wrestlemania, period. You then make the choice take Long's Deal or make sure Jericho makes it to and wins at Wrestlemania. If you take Long's deal then you enter the Rumble. Once its down to you and one other Superstar Jericho tries to interfere and have you loose. Once you win, you see Jericho for who he really is and that he is threatened by you. You then deal with Jericho's run in's and arrogance (Possibly appearing on The Highlight Reel) until you face him at Wrestlemania and become the new World Champion. Ignore Long's deal, and you accompany Chris to the ring and constantly make sure he keeps his title. Then Miz gets in your face and the opportunity for the Tag Titles arises. You ask Jericho to be your partner and he refuses. Then you cost Jericho his title before Wrestlemania which sets up a match between the two of you at Wrestlemania.

User Info: NeoSoulAngel

7 years ago#3
CM Punk: I was going to stop with the other three but I am really intrigued by the Straight Edge Society. Possible unlockable or DLC. You win NXT and Punk is proud of you. So proud that he tells you he wants you to be on the path to becoming a member of the SES. This includes making sure Punk makes it to the Main Event of Wrestlemania and becomes the World Champion. This is done by backstage beat downs with Luke Gallows and helping Punk "save" members of the WWE Universe. Then comes the choice. You also begin to change your CAW's looks. You grow a beard, get tattoos, and dress in dark clothing all to honor your SES Savior. Then you, Luke Gallows, and CM Punk all qualify for the Royal Rumble. Punk tells you that it is the SES mission to make sure he wins the Rumble and makes it to Wrestlemania. Once in the Rumble it comes down to you and Punk. Then the choice happens. You can choose to eliminate Punk from the Rumble or eliminate yourself. If you choose to Eliminate Punk then you become the number once contender. Punk then tries to con you into giving up your shot at the title and Main Event at Wrestlemania to him, your SES Savior. You then tell him that you have swallowed your pride, and followed orders, but when it comes to main eventing Wrestlemania, this is something that you have to do. Then the SES beats you down. Later Punk becomes World Champion due to the help of Luke Gallows. You return to SmackDown back to your old self and say that it is now your mission to end the SES and it will happen at Wresltemania. You take out Gallows and then you beat Punk at Wrestlemania to end the SES and become World Champion. Choose to have Punk win at the Rumble and then the SES Society begins to cover the WWE Universe. You realize that this is not your path and you want out. You trick Punk into helping you win a match to make the Main Event at Wresltemania a Triple Threat. That way Punk is sure to win at Wrestlemania. After that happens, you arrive to Smackdown the next night and say that now you are in the main event, you will make sure that you will win the title and end the SES Championship Reign before it starts. Punk and Gallows attack you for the rest of the story until you win at Wrestlemania with the stipulation that you must pin Punk to complete the story.

User Info: chokolet

7 years ago#4
U obviously have alot of time on ur hands...jk lol thats actually a great idea it was a gd read too,that would be a great addition to the game and make it very fun at the same time

User Info: NeoSoulAngel

7 years ago#5
lol its actually a slow day at work. and i wrote that all in like 15 min. lol thanks.

User Info: theseker

7 years ago#6
Yeah u should create this on a CaS on the game with caws lol

xbl TheSeKeR Psn xThaseker

User Info: Kukaku

7 years ago#7
that's fine and all, but RTWM needs to be scrapped.

Its too short and lame.

User Info: ultimakewl

7 years ago#8
RTWM is only from january to wrestlemania (roughly 3 months)
you start off by talking about the finale of NXT which would be after wrestlemania
and then add that your mentor relationship continues for a year

so before going past the basic concept of your idea there is already a major problem with it

its a good idea
but its too long to be in RTWM
it would be a great idea for a first year general storyline for career mode if they brought storylines back into career mode
im sure i could find more reasons to disregard everything you said as the incoherent ramblings of a 7 year old with no friends but i dont have the time

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