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User Info: EazyERock

8 years ago#41
why thank you final rocker for getting me to laugh my a$$ off for a few minutes.. im honestly confused as to you being serious, or just sarcastic.. either way good show

i was under the impression that people would request logical things that could actually be put into the game. Not outlandish things that will never happen.

Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg will never be in a wwe game ever again, for proof of this watch wrestlemania XX.

As for you mocking me for my judgement of Create a finisher, if you read what i said, i was pointing out how difficult it is to make a realistic looking finisher,. i have many realistic ones, i just said its harder than it should be.
And if u play 09 on ps3 and play online, people on there have Create a Finishers with like canadian backbreakers 8x followed by a powerbomb pin.. you shouldnt be allowed to do that. that is super lame..

and as for you calling me a child, im 25 there guy. and yes ive seen socalled "legends". and no i do not want to play as hulk hogan and deliver legdrops of doom, i would rather play as exciting younger wrestlers such as john morrison, dolph ziggler, etc.

im sorry i made you cry over something you read on the internet. if your mentallity is that fraile and rediculous and immature then i guess thats your problem. And no im not afraid of your 20 inch pythons and finalrockeramania runnin wild all over me. im pretty sure if i ever actually met you you wouldnt say anything to me at all. so whatever go say your prayers and take your vitamins, crawl into your wcw goldberg jammies, and go to bed in your wcw comforter set. hopefully when you wake up tomorrow, your sheets will be dry.

as for everyone else, im sorry this ignorant plebian ruined your thread. please continue to talk about the topic at hand and ignore this simpleton.

Thank you,
good day
Not Changing My Sig Til People Stop Saying They Are Not Changing Their Sig Till....

User Info: MykeV3

8 years ago#42
Only way you'll ever see Brock or Goldberg in a Smackdown game is If they ever come back to WWE...or you go grab Smackdown Here Comes The Pain outta the used game bin at Gamestop...i got mine for less than 10 bucks : )

User Info: wwerules24

8 years ago#43
as for everyone else, im sorry this ignorant plebian ruined your thread. please continue to talk about the topic at hand and ignore this simpleton.

This is a place to talk about a new game coming out this fall, not about WCW sheets or ignorant plebians. I think that you are acting like one and you should stop fighting. Leave the topic for all I care, just find a way to stop.
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User Info: tigerlover0085

8 years ago#44
My wishlist:

-More Options for the Divas. The Divas should be allowed to compete in other matches.
-Create a Belt
-Better graphics and options for CAW
-Better choices for mixed tag team enterances
-More music for your CAW
-Diva Storyline or RWM
-More Legends
-Better CAF options
-Bigger roster with all of the good wrestlers
-Better Graphics on CM Punk. SERIOUSLY!
-Storylines for Each Character or Division.

I think that is about all.

User Info: master_689

8 years ago#45
Why can't Lesnar and Goldberg be in any other game???... They are both former World Champions in the WWE and as far as I remember Lesnar dominated the whole season of 2003-2004. They are definitely both WWE Legends. As for Benoit... yes, the news about his demise (although we may not know the whole truth) is infact very disturbing. And so you may be right in this case.

Dude, can you not understand if they arent affiliated with the WWE anymore, or belong to a different company they cant be in the game lol. Tna Wrestlers will never be in WWE games unless they are affiliated with WWE. I would love to have legends back Legends>>>>Crappy ppl like JTG,SHAD,Friggin Divas honestly just take them out, weed out the crap seriously put in legends.

User Info: tigerlover0085

8 years ago#46
I don't think they should take out the divas. A lot of girls watch wrestling and play these games too. Though I would not object for people like Jesse and Festus, Finlay, Mark Henry, Umaga, and other pointless guys being taken out. I was so mad when they put in that zombie Finlay and Santino. There could of been more room for a legends like The Rock and Stone Cold.

User Info: edisonu

8 years ago#47
Well basically, I want more starting moves for create-a-finisher. Last year's only back grapple was the reverse ddt clutch. I want more back grapple and possibly moves that start from the top turnbuckle. I also want them the include the rock bottom clutch and the 1/4 facelock clutch

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