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User Info: suleman09

8 years ago#1
I think that THQ should add the "wwe sign guy" in the audience, right in the front row of every show, right by the front ring steps where the superstars walk up from, and when good guys come out, he is up cheering with good signs up and then when bad guys come in he is booing them and having bad signs up about them, making fun of them basically, that would make the entrances more entertaining as well.
Then in the "story mode" or whatever they decide to call it this game

they can give him voiceovers so you can actually hear him too, and sometime in the season the camera cuts to him and he screams stuff to the superstars, and maybe a little feud with one wrestler in the season mode too and then if you win AS the sign guy you unlock him and he becomes playable...

what do you think? WWE Sign Guy?

User Info: Yogos

8 years ago#2
NOT changing signature until Hornswoggle wins the WWE Championship

User Info: NyStyle

8 years ago#3
thats a horrible idea

User Info: Karmarx

8 years ago#4
That would really be a waste
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User Info: DSK_ShadowX

8 years ago#5
if anything should be done including the word "Sign" it should be Create A Sign. Or: Remember in Day of Reckoning, the crowd held up signs spelling out ur CAW's name? Why not that?
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User Info: EazyERock

8 years ago#6
its bad enough they had him on deal or no deal
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User Info: drevil543345

8 years ago#7
I think it would be awesome
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User Info: iowahawkeys

8 years ago#8
me to he like at ever one wwe shows.
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