MY wishlist.

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User Info: Bardockpwnsjoo

8 years ago#1
This is not some lengthy wishlist that will never happen. I just have a few simple things I'd like to see, but probably never will.

1: GM Mode back, and a GOOD GM Mode, like it was back in 07.
2: PUT THE ******** moves back in, PLEASE! I'm tired of giving my CAWS the same moves because there are NO MOVES!
3: I don't give a crap about CAF, I can take it or leave it. If you take it out, THQ, use the space to put more moves back in.
4: And if you don't do EITHER of those, THQ. Please allow us one simple pleasure.... and bring back the good CAW leveling system you had in games like 07. Your CAW leveling system has consistantly gotten worse, and is now nothing more than a painful grindfest. Please fix this.
I'll blow you away! In a minute! As soon as I remember how to do this move. I think I press R2 and then... dang.

User Info: Karmarx

8 years ago#2
That is an actually reasonable wishlist
Red Oaxaca Wolf Cuetlachtli says: IT'S JAZZ FROM HELL, MOTHER****ER!!!!!

User Info: risingangel

8 years ago#3
One thing I hated about CAWS in 07. You had to make a damn Cruiserweight to be able to use the Martial Arts move-set.
This was a joke. Get over it.

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