some wrestlers confirmed

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User Info: NyStyle

8 years ago#1

confirmed from interviews from E3 and the cover

1) Dolph Ziggler
2) R-Truth
3) JTG
4) Shad
5) John Morrison
6) Undertaker
7) John Cena
8) Kofi Kingston
9) Edge
10) Randy Orton
11) Rey Mysterio

User Info: thetoxicjocker

8 years ago#2
i wonder if on r-truths entrance they'll make him come from the auidience

User Info: NESHero

8 years ago#3
PS2 (possibly Wii) he will probably come down from the ramp, 360..Etc will Probably be from the Crowd.
Uh, this is a wrestling match, not a mutual admiration society! - Jim Ross (WWF War zone N64 -1998)

User Info: DX123456

8 years ago#4
Hey Dolph Ziggler made it one my new favorite wrestlers

User Info: Bardockpwnsjoo

8 years ago#5
They really should get heel Chris Jericho in here. Face-paint Jeff Hardy would be okay for being up-to-date, but I really don't give a two-way **** about Jeff in the first place. Glad to see Dolph is in, he's awesome for taking a chair to The Great Khali.
I'll blow you away! In a minute! As soon as I remember how to do this move. I think I press R2 and then... dang.

User Info: wwerules24

8 years ago#6
R-truth doesn't really come out from the crowd as much

Your right, Jeff being facepainted would be OK.
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