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User Info: suleman09

8 years ago#1
you know how the game has the title belt laying down by the announce table in title matches...they DEF need to start putting the RIGHT title belt there, like the title that is on the line, they need to put that belt there, and when it's for the tag team titles they should have BOTH tag titles laying on the side....right?

User Info: sinfullservant

8 years ago#2

You know, I thought that would be nice to have to. It would certainly add realism to the game. But, in reality, I'd much rather have a couple more options for CAW or another interesting match type take up that space of code on the game disc, so it being a world championship belt in a united states title match doesn't bother me much.

User Info: leocorradini

8 years ago#3
I also agree, I'm tired of having the world heavyweight championship in a US title match. They also should put the belt there in every match a champion fights, not only the title matches, it would be more realistic.
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  3. Title belt on the side

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