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  3. Post here if you are NOT buying this game.

User Info: whatnow12012

8 years ago#21
I think that they should completly re-do the smackdown engine scrap the current deal re-build it from the ground up.

I mean a totally new and improved smackdown game never before seen it will be nothing like previous smackdown games.

But it will not be complicated to play I mean anyone could pick it up and play it. But you can increase the AI or change the controller formats such as A, B, C, and D.

Also since they arent going to allow us to use CAWs in the Road to Wreslemania I would scrap it and use the room to make the other RTWM stories longer and add more into them such as Diva Stories.

In all of the smackdown games since smackdown 1 one of the biggest let downs is never having specific story lines for the Divas. I mean yeah they had major plots for the Divas such as in 07 and you could even play a match or so in with them in certain situations.

But you could never select them from the main roster and go for their own stories I would love to use Beth Pheonix, Maria, Gail Kim, Michelle McCool in a Road to Wrestemania story going after the Womens or Diva Titles.

Also I would add in new matches never been in a game The Last Ride, Ambulance, and On A Pole match also Punjabi Prison and I would make improvements to exsisting matches such as Cages, Inferno, Rumble and Ladder Matches.

Every year anymore it feels like I am playing the same game over and over. I have a feeling 2010 will be the same.

I reserve judgement cause the game hasnt been discussed any and wont be until Summerslam this year which is 2 weeks away on July 23rd.

Also JR promised a suprise at Summerslam so my guess it is Smackdown 2010 being revealed or Stone Cold as a possible Guest Host for WWE RAW.

They are really keeping smackdown 2010 quiet this year but I still dont have high hopes this year.

Also you are probably only going to be using the superstars as seen on the front cover of the game in RTWM Mode but unkown this is my guess.

I kow that the CAW will not have a RTWM Mode this is why I will not purchase Smackdown.

It will most likely just be an improved career mode or something like it with nothing to it like in 2009 no cutscenes no nothing.

So I guess my CAWs are useless now.

User Info: B4NNEDS4NDM4N

8 years ago#22

Of course I'm buying it.
Shop smart, shop S-Mart.
So it goes...

User Info: Chronologo

8 years ago#23
Well I can't say if I will buy it, I'll wait to see what's new on this one.I'm sticking to Japanese wrestling games, they are far better than the latest svr games.The wwe is not as exciting as before, you can see that now the only thing they have is Cena to keep the kids hooked to it, it's sad to see there's no rival in te he business so the wwe would pursue a more aggressive product like we saw in the attitude era, went a little off-topic there but it was necessary to say that the decadence of wwe is not only damaging the quality of the wrestling there but also the latest games quality.

PS: I'm tired of seeing the same over and over, how many times we saw HHH, Orton, Cena against each other on a PPV?? geez go get some new faces

User Info: dusteater

7 years ago#24
I am not buying it....

I'm buying it for Xbox 360 instead. This is the board for the PS2 version after all.

User Info: B4NNEDS4NDM4N

7 years ago#25
I just realized that the title is "Post" and not "Sign." Whatever, I'm still buying it.
Shop smart, shop S-Mart.
So it goes...

User Info: -Fromage-

7 years ago#26
I dont know yet, its too early to say for sure.

User Info: EazyERock

7 years ago#27
im gonna wait til the first people buy it, then see what they say on here first. if the ps2 version sucks, ill start looking for next gen consoles, ps2 slowly dying
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User Info: BrolyLSSJ3

7 years ago#28
You guys are judging too early on this game seriously "They haven't improved anything notably since 06" really? have you even been following the news the Developers have been releasing about 2010? or have you watched any of the videos yet? because it definitely is shaping up to be great look at CAW mode for instance they completely overhauled it making it completely better than it already was look at the Create-a-Finisher mode they added Turnbuckle/Flying moves now
Wtf? Screw Golden Boy,Texas,Juan Diaz....Malginagi was robbed -_-
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  3. Post here if you are NOT buying this game.

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