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User Info: whatnow12012

8 years ago#1
They said that this game will have a new Road to Wrestlemania mode but didnt give any details about who you could use in it or how many WWE superstars or if the CAW Wrestler would be able to be in the mode this year or not.

Also they said that they will add On-Line for the Royal Rumble.


Online Royal Rumble

Customization Features

I am assuming that the Online is for Wii, 360 and PS3 only.

Like last year I say 2010 on PS2 will be left out of the loop I dont know why since PS2 can get online also.

User Info: thetoxicjocker

8 years ago#2
yes!!!! i hope they have shawn micheals rtw it would be perfect!!! especially triple h rtw!!! thx for the info

User Info: whatnow12012

8 years ago#3
I think the only superstars you can use in RTWM Mode is the superstars on the front cover.

I could be mistaken this is my opinion on the matter but the info I found is indeed true about their being a new RTWM Mode.

I just hope this time we can use a CAW Wrestler in the Mode unlike last year were we could only use the CAWs in Career Mode.

I have a gut feeling it might be the same way again this year also.

If they dont wanna use the CAW wrestler in the RTWM Mode then they need to do away with the CAW Mode altogether.

What is wrong with taking a CAW through RTWM Mode I see no diffrence only diffrence he would be a rookie not a Legend super star or major star like John Cena or Undertaker is.

Why not make a CAW RTWM story were he is a Rookie trying to make it ro Wrestlemania he is sort of like Goldberg was in WCW were he was undefeated know one has beaten him yet.

This pisses off alot of other guys such as Jericho, Orton and other so they team up and try to take out the CAW before wrestlemania.

But you can get help or allies such as Shawn Micheal, Cena or Undertaker and others to help you counter the heels.

Or you can make a Heel CAW were he joins Mr. Mcmahon becomes his bodyguard he tells the CAW to take out people do his dirty work for him.

You can also choose which brand you wanna be in ECW, RAW or Smackdown you pick this when you 1st create your CAW Wrestler.

This is how I would make a CAW RTWM Mode.

Also you can have dates with Divas form rivalries do backstage attcks on others and interviews and go for what championship you wanan go for.

But I guarantee damn tee that CAW will not be usuable in Road to Wrestlamania Mode once again.

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