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User Info: Geolink2349

8 years ago#11

like I said, I understand bro.

User Info: EazyERock

8 years ago#12
meh, who cares, i never played with the rock or stone cold, even when they were currently on the roster... i dont like either one.. as long as the gameplay is nice and i can create people ill be happy.. its not like their movesets arent already in the game and that theyre that hard to make..
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User Info: whatnow12012

8 years ago#13
Umm we can still get The Rock and Stone Cold in if you have a codebreaker or cheat device you can unlock hidden NPC or Characters in the game that werent usuable before.

In Smackdowns before Jack the Snake wasnt in the PS2 but thanks to the Codebreaker he was.

so quiet whining use a codebreaker.

Also I dont like them in my games anyways I use a CAW Wrestler have since smackdown 1 and will continue to do so.

But this year I will do the WWE stories 1st and Save my CAW last I have a sneaky feeling that the stories in Road to Wrestlemania mode will be short like in 09 lasting 3 to 4 months long.

I think they should Last from BackLash in April till Wrestlemania the following year with matches on each show RAW ECW and SmackDown.

I am getting the DS and the PS2 versions and next year I will upgrade to 360 version

User Info: NyStyle

8 years ago#14
rock and steve austin arent on the ps2 disc. same last year people said dibiase and evan bourne will be unlockable with a code breaker and they werent on the disc.

also jake roberts was in the ps2 smackdown a few years ago. you could either unlock him with codebreaker or by plugging in the psp, but also if you simmed to the second year of gm mode or season whichever it was he became playable so you didnt need the cheat devices.

User Info: Pier81

8 years ago#15
I bet SCSA, the Rock and other legends will be playable in the PS2 without the need to download 'em. Come on, they already have their models and graphics from previous Smackdowns, it would cost nothing to put them in the game...
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User Info: NyStyle

8 years ago#16
its because they want people to buy the next gen systems

User Info: The Lord Lobius

The Lord Lobius
8 years ago#17
"Playstation 2 should be lucky of still getting a new Smackdown game"

Not really, the Playstation 2 version still sells very well. THQ is in the business of selling games, not throwing people bones. That doesn't mean the current generation consoles should suffer, I'm just saying.
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User Info: risingangel

8 years ago#18
As long as their moves are available for CAW, I couldn't care less. The last SVR I bought was 07, and I ended up vreating original instead of real wrestlers. But it would help to have their moves to give to the originals. - 2 lucky turns. ^_^
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