nomore sd vs raw on ps2?

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User Info: cmpunkaz

7 years ago#1
i was in game stop other day and i over heard one the clerks talking to another customer buying ps2 games and he told them that the ps2 games are being fazed out and only a few big name video games companys have signed on for releases for rest this yr and november will be the last of the ps2 games made so looks like if they do go ahead with the release of sd vs raw 11 that will be last one for the ps2 if they do make it.

User Info: nigelmccloud

7 years ago#2
I talked to a guy at the Gamestop that is closest to me, he said that the PS2 is gonna be around awhile
AW is my hero, my mother wished he was her son, Favorite Wrestler is Adrian Adonis

User Info: risingangel

7 years ago#3
TC, he could have just been trying to convince you to buy a PS3.
I've seen both, and Al Jazeera is less biased than Fox News.

User Info: Bardockpwnsjoo

7 years ago#4
Most people working at those stores already own a new system, and are just fan-boying it up. I've played an Xbox360 quite a few times now.... And I've seen the PS3s. Nothing about them jumps right out and screams, "SPEND YOUR PAYCHECK ON ME NOW!!"

The PS2 still has life.
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User Info: kayne2000

7 years ago#5
i dont know man of course ive said it for the past 2 years the ps2 needs to hit its grave but it hasnt and honestly i suppose as long as the sales are there why not?

of course if im sony this has to be dumb as it doesnt convince folks to get a ps3. and yes the 360 and ps3 are greatly superior to the ps2.

User Info: nigelmccloud

7 years ago#6
I've been to a few Gamestops and had people tell me that the PS2 may not go away soon.

I've also been told that the PS2 version of 2010 outsould the PS3 version of 2010. Every store I've gone into
AW is my hero, my mother wished he was her son, Favorite Wrestler is Adrian Adonis

User Info: Sonicplys

7 years ago#7
PS2 will never die!!! Screw the overrated, overpriced, and overhyped PS3 and 360. They will never compare to the masterpiece that was the PS2. Now thats a true video game console right there.
Wii is the new PS2

User Info: ShoqueWaveNews

7 years ago#8
The PS2 will be around until next year, Most gaming companies see the PS2 as Obsolete which is why alot of DS and PSP ports are now coming out for the PS2. Sony has Said themselves that more momentum the PS3 makes, the more they will start moving away from the PS2.

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User Info: craze32

7 years ago#9
with all the stuff the ps3 and xbox 360 has for this game i find this game to be purely based on wrestling and not make it seem so gimmicky only thing i wish is that they didnt dog the caw mode other then that i love this game
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User Info: jpharrah

7 years ago#10

if it werent for gtaiv iw ouldnt have bought a ps3 so soon... ps2 still is/was a good system infact i wasnt going to buy a ps3 unless i knew for sure i could get one that played all my ps2 games and ps1 games... i bought a 60gb ps3 specfically because it still had the emulator chip in you have to hope your favorite games are on their list of games that work... like the xbox.... 3 of my favorite games..although not very popular.. are not on the list of games that i can download software to run them on my xbox 360.... it really ticks me off....

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