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User Info: adamhustler

7 years ago#1
is it just in my game or are these two unstoppable when in tag team matches?? im on my 2nd year of matches, almost at the rumble and these 2 have held the world tag team titles since a couple weeks before the year 1 royal rumble..

they've defended against

Legacy in a falls anywhere match
The Colons twice in tlc & falls anywhere matches
The Red Dummy & Ezekiel Jackson in a Hell in a Cell match
The Miz & William Regal in a falls anywhere match
JBL & Jack Swagger in a ladder match
DX in a cage match
Christian & Kofi Kingston in a tornado tag match
and The Red Dummy & Ezekiel Jackson again in a falls anywhere match

i'm trying to get these world tag team belts passed around, but the AI's seem to have other plans....


User Info: ShoqueWaveNews

7 years ago#2
My Hall and Nash CAWs or my Hart Dynasty CAW Never Had a Problem against Cryme Tyme or any other In game Tag.its all about your overall and Difficulty (have mine on Legend)

You'll never see, And you'll never know, But sooner or later, Everyone gets the Virtigo!!

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