psp get SvR 11,how about ps2 ?

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  3. psp get SvR 11,how about ps2 ?

User Info: pLatInum_RoyALE

7 years ago#1
i see in psp board,there will be 2011 for it, about ps2 ?
we just got two words ya !!! S*CK IT !!!

User Info: whatnow12012

7 years ago#2
Yes Smackdown 2011 is listed for Playstation 2 it is for 39.99 and releases on 10/26 I have the game preodered at Gamestop for some reason Gamestop dosent have the game listed for the PS2 but it is available at your local Store just ask them about it and preorder it or pay it of up to you.

Also remember the PS2 version is exactly like the next-gen versions missing just the 3D stuff and the online stuff but those arent really big deals since DLC is non exsisting in Smackdown games any ways and the 3D stuff isnt that big of a deal either.

New PPV's to be in 2011 Bragging Rights

New Wrestlers Drew Macintyre & Sheamus

Possiblilty of Classic Arenas WCW, ECW and others from the past

10/26 for 39.99

User Info: afridi118

7 years ago#3
good news its not coming out on ps2 yes

User Info: Informer99

7 years ago#4

User Info: The_Lion_WWE

7 years ago#5
THANK YOU for this post!

You've made my day... ;-)

User Info: whatnow12012

7 years ago#6
It is listed and THQ has officially confirmed that 2011 is indeed coming out on the Playstation 2 for 39.99 so there it is 1 more time on Playstation 2.

Also the game is also available for Preorder for PS2 at Gamestop I have it preordered.

They ask me why I didnt get the 360 version cause I said I am saving money plus the PS2 version has better controls plus you arent missing much anyways just the 3-D crap online stuff is pretty much non-exsisting on even the next gen so why not get the PS2 version instead and save 25 bucks or so also graphic wise there isnt much diffrence either.

User Info: MykeV3

7 years ago#7
WOOHOO!! PS2 version!! I was scared it wasnt going to happen...I refuse to shell out 300-400 bucks for a PS3 or 360...then have to pay 60 bucks or more per game!! Its a bunch of BS!! You basically get the same damn game for the PS2 version..minus a few small things..for like 20 bucks cheaper!! As long as theres a few new things in there ( Characters..Arenas ..Etc.) and they add some new stuff to CAW mode( more slots please) and CAF ( Submission Finnishers anyone?) I'll be happy!! Woo Woo Woo...You Know It!!!
I Am the Upgrade.....BE JEALOUS!!!

User Info: Carribean_Cool

7 years ago#8

I hope we don't get shafted like we did last year. I really wanted superstar threads. I don't know, i might not even get this one, it will just be the same game over and over again

User Info: MykeV3

7 years ago#9
Its official...There WILL be a SD v Raw 2011 for PS2!! Gamestop is taking preorders for it !! I got mine the other day!! WOOHOO!!
I Am the Upgrade.....BE JEALOUS!!!
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  3. psp get SvR 11,how about ps2 ?

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