quick ps2- 2010 question

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User Info: GTGamer343452

7 years ago#1
i had 2010 for ps3 with my roommate in our dorms last year. I have a ps2 at home, not ps3. how was 2010 on ps2 compared to the ps3? I have tried to rent it and find out for myself but my blockbuster has recently taken a lot of games off the shelves and this was one of them

User Info: R V D 420

R V D 420
7 years ago#2
Only thing the PS2 version is missing is the ability to alter wrestlers colors on their outfits. There may be more.
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User Info: KnightRay_X

7 years ago#3
^ The PS2 version is missing the following:

3D CAW Mode (with alternate attires for CAWs)
Highlight Reel & Custom Titantrons
Custom Music
Online Mode
Superstar Threads
Paint Tool
Community Creations (Uploading & Downloading CAWS & Stories and such)
Training Facility
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User Info: Nightmare319

7 years ago#4
^ None of which is really all that important, just extras you get for buying it on a more current console.
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