Need help with stats.

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User Info: Fatman_619

7 years ago#1
I can't get my technical stat up. I play a bunch of matches and I do what it says to level up my tech stats but it doesn't go up. Is there a way to get my tech stats up after every match?

User Info: The_Lion_WWE

7 years ago#2
Maybe you can raise the first 5-10 points for technic with two matches, but after that -->
I would say reverse 10-20 moves, then finish the match (i don't mean "quit it", just "win it"!).
And do this again and again and again and...
Because i think the game has something like a limit to gain experience for the several attributes in a match: So it would be useless to do 100 reversals in a match, because you wouldn't gain more experience for that!

Or you play with a second controller/friend and reverse the moves...
Or let the CPU play with your character and it will reverse the moves...

But you need to do these matches, if you want to raise stats!

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