Weak CAFs

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User Info: Krazyzark

7 years ago#1
Is it just me, or are all the Create-A-Finishers really weak? When striving for a KO victory, I had to deliver my CAF (a multi-strike combo ending with a DDT) 23 times before getting a KO, and this was on an opponent who I'd already beaten to a pulp. Another time (same match and opponent) I was trying again to KO the guy with my CAF and ended up getting the KO with my Signature move (a non-CAF move). Another time, this time with a different character, I KO'd the opponent with my signature trying to set up my CAF, and sadly the guy was declared Knocked Out by the Poison Mist!!

Another odd thing I noticed, with my Adam Bomb CAW, I made 2 powerbomb CAFs and can't get the bonus points for ending the match with a finisher UNLESS I get a KO. Every other character I can hit the finisher and pin.

While I'm on the topic of lame finishers, why are most of the submission-style finishers wear-down and not struggle submission? Tazmission, Ankle Lock, Million Dollar Dream, etc. It's sad when you have to pin an opponent after using a Tazmission or a Million Dollar Dream.
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User Info: risingangel

7 years ago#2
My CAF's are usually pretty powerful.

I get the feeling that they are taking a shot and Angle and Tazz being in TNA by making their finishers weak like that. Not sure why they did that with the Million $ Dream. You could always use the Cobra Clutch as a replacement.
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